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Resident Evil: Revelations Returns to Series' Exploration Roots

Posted by Trevor Chan

Oh, can you smell the fear?

The E3 announcement trailer of Resident Evil: Revelations had gamers scratching their heads over the identity of the mysterious man held captive by protagonists Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, among other unanswered questions. It's a good thing that Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has had a chat with some of the production staff then, because now we finally have some firm details surrounding the nature of the 3DS survival horror game from Capcom.

The game is set between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 on the Playstation 3/Xbox 360 and follows the recently formed Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA). As well as Valentine and Redfield, the game will also feature other members of BSAA as the game unravels onboard a creature-infested cruise ship.

Producer Masachika Kawata says the game will return to the "classic style" of puzzles and exploration that was a staple of earlier Resident Evil games. Revelations will once again put the focus on fear and suspense, and if you think contemporary Resident Evil games supply way too much ammo to the player, you won't feel that way with this instalment. Director Koushi Nakanishi also says that the 3D visual effects will help deliver some of the fear that players will experience as the uncertainty of creatures lurking in the dark will surely make any hero hesitate.

The game's narrative is designed to be approachable to gamers who are new to the franchise, but there will be elements that veterans will recognise and appreciate. Controls-wise, gamers will be able to move freely while guns are equipped and the viewpoint can also be adjusted. Screenshots printed in Famitsu show the camera view over the character's shoulder but the developers revealed that work is also being done to offer a new control feel. The overall setting of the game is based in Europe, but storyboards show concept images of a port town and a snowy mountain, with the latter showing a freighter plane up in flames.

Resident Evil: Revelations is still in the early development stages as the game is only about 20% complete, but Capcom has just released a set of new screenshots that look even more impressive than the first set.


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Aviator said:

I am excited for this, it will be a good prequel to the events in Resi 5 (which was on PC aswell).



Chunky_Droid said:

This sounds awesome, the Resident Evil series is one of my favourites! I am still however yet to play Resident Evil 5



Link79 said:

Cool it's like Titanic with Zombies. Sounds exciting!
This is going right on my insta buy list! I'm so glad this isn't another rail shooter.



Spoony_Tech said:

@3 5 is no way as good as 4 IMO. Better graphics aren't always better game for me. I beat it then had ne desire to play it again.

This is on my top 5 list for sure. Man the 3ds is going to suck away my money.



Objection said:

They also announced that the other title, Mercenaries was it?, is about 70% done, which makes sense since it is based off of RE5 assets.



Caliko said:



I love the classic exploration and fear. I thought the series was going downhill. Part 5 had too much 007 action and ammo. I love when you feel unsafe and have to manage your ammo, it makes the game feel more real instead of mindlessly shooting. Even better is when you run out of ammo and get cornered with only a knife at hand!!

This is good news and I expect no less for the 3DS.



komicturtle said:

I not the one to judge on 'graphics', but man those Screenshots look REALLY grainy. I remember watching the video/trailer and how smooth and gorgeous it looked....



FierceRegalia said:

This looks promising. After RE3 the series became more action than survival horror.

Look at RE4. While its an awesome game, its damn too easy. I mean, upgrading the capacity of the weapons refill their ammo?



Ravage said:

As long as I won't have to use tank controls; that was a game ruiner for me



WaveGhoul said:

While Resident Evil 4 was a fantastic game, it was a tad depressing due to the rotting foggy and disgusting atmosphere combined with it's gloomy and dirty score. Let alone the characters were soo not Resident Evil, it wasn't scary at all, there was just too much ammo, hardly any puzzles and next to no backtracking didn't help either. While it was great, it just wasn't Resident Evil. And once again our lead Prince-y mannered and arrogant Leon seems almost completely oblivious to the Monsters around him...In RE1 the characters seemed completely uneffected by the monsters surrounding them, as if it were no big deal which was ridiclous. RE4 somewhat sports the same thing, but I guess I can give Leon a break since he already experienced the zombie outbreak madness that was RE2.

RE5 managed to make it even LESS Resident Evil. The only thing I honestly liked more about that one was the storyline, most of the cutscenes involving Wesker, and the less 'depressing' vibe of the game. But the atmosphere was incredibly weak, the enemies were cut and paste...Hell even the zombie animations didn't seem right. The way they reacted to bullets seemed a bit off, you could never pop them in the knees and make them fall, or while running and blowing off their heads with a hand gun in no way felt satisfying compared to RE4. And on top of it all, that idiot Shiva kept taking my shots and getting in the way during single player....And going from the Wii remote to dual analog was a huge downgrade. Overall, the experience was still alright I guess, but this game was a complete RE departure...And you really could tell that Mikami wasn't behinde this one. It didn't exactly feel next generation at all...Mikami could of done something alot more impressive.

Anyways, I'm so glad Revelations is going back to it's roots! great to hear!



WaveGhoul said:


But the Wii doesn't have 3D muhaha, which is a huge downside.
3D alone has me more exciteed for this than if it were to be released on the Wii instead. I wonder if the controls are touch screen as well.



Wolfenstein83 said:

RE Gaiden and RE Dead Aim both take place on a ship, I think?
Any new RE is always great news, but I wonder if they are only going to do prequels/REmakes now since Wesker is dead.
Then again, there were probly other ego maniacs bent on world domination we may not know about.



IronMan28 said:

Resident Evil 4 was fun, but does anyone else worry the series might be getting stale? Unless they innovate again, which I hope they do with this installment, I may not spend my hard earned $$$ on this one...



JGMR said:

Back to the roots, without Raccoon City? All years, money, add-ons and sequels could have been spend creating amazing remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3...
I'm not against newer titles in a series. However, Resident Evil was built upon the story of Raccoon City and it's suburbs, so it is a logical progress to built further upon that story, to expand that universe by revisionizing earlier titles and create stories that are seen from a different perspectives.

Resident Evil 4 might be a good action title, spawning the 'over-the-shoulder'-genre, but it isn't Resident Evil although it featured a former protagonist and the title, and nor are it's sequels actually related to the classic titles. Code Veronica and RE4 were nice little exceptions in the saga. But most die-hard RE fans are growing tired of the enforcement upon the original series.

It's ironic that Resident Evil itself is becoming one of the living dead because Capcom seems to keep trying to fix what wasn't broken in the first place...

"Zombies, howling hounds, other mutated animals, hysterical and atmospheric music, urban environments and static 2D, rendered perspectives that enforces the uncomfortable feeling as a gamer : Resident Evil...R.I.P."

Guess i'm not the only one.



moosa said:

Wow... I guess the "cool" thing now is to act like RE4 was a mistake and that all the games should be exactly like they were in the first place instead of innovating and gaining new ground. How many times can you play the same game with a different storyline and be satisfied? I call BS on some of these comments. RE4 was the best thing that ever happened to the series.



gatygun said:

@24 so you prefer a remake of 2 and 3? while it contains no new things. Just the same that you already probably played for tons of times.

That you got great nostalgic feelings going on with that game is cool. But remaking a game with better graphics isn't making a already told story untold.

A compleet new story is a way better solution.



JGMR said:

Compare the first edition of Resident Evil with it's superior remake for the Gamecube and you'll know the answer to that question Instead of releasing countless 'sequels', developers should try to perfect their former masterpieces. Even painters work with such ethic; they know that they're never finished. Instead of giving the audiences a new rattle every single week, they should take time and dedicate themselves like artists.

But, what happens? They are using former characters in a game that has nothing to do with that title's universe, as an excuse to call it a Resident Evil game. Even the man who gave birth to the series (Shinji Mikami) called RE 4 a great action game, but not a Resident Evil one, something i was saying for years. Too many gamers are cynical and not critical.



SanderEvers said:

I hated the controls on those static camera RE games. I simply love RE4 for ditching those and going to an over shoulder view. The best RE in the series is without ANY doubt RE4.

RE5 was fun as well, but too much based on the action.

They should make a RE FPS game. (And NOT an on-rail shooter)



Retrogamer88 said:

OMG! there going back to the exploration gameplay of the original resident evil games! i am so happy right now! lol,i was kinda bumed to see the games turn into run and gun games though there still fun but i like the older games more and i am glad this one is going back to classic resident evil

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