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Mario and His Sporty Friends Go to Court in February

Posted by James Newton

Play ball online

Four Mario-themed sports are heading to North America on February 7th, as Nintendo announces the release for Mario Sports Mix.

Taking on hockey, basketball, volleyball or dodgeball, the game will be playable in offline or online multiplayer enabling you to settle scores with friends all over the world. Like Mario Kart Wii you'll be able to go online with the player sat next to you, pitting couch against couch for the ultimate Mario sporting glory.

Mario Sports Mix hits mainland Europe on 28th January, the UK on February 4th and North America on February 7th.

Mario™ has a long history as a sports fan.

Throughout his storied career he has pursued an interest in golf, tennis, baseball and go-karting, to name just a few. Now Mario’s tackling four different sports at the same time, all of them included on one disc for the Wii™ console. The game MARIO™ SPORTS MIX lets players jump into games of hockey, basketball, volleyball or dodgeball.

MARIO SPORTS MIX presents these four familiar sports – but with a Mario twist. Players can choose from a variety of playable Mushroom Kingdom characters and can even challenge Mario and friends directly by playing as their own Mii™ characters. Each game contains a number of Mushroom Kingdom power-ups that can turn the tide of a game in an instant, such as banana peels, green shells and even mini mushrooms. In over-the-top Mario sports fashion, each character can unleash his or her unique special move that ranges from Mario’s fire dunk in basketball to Yoshi’s rainbow attack in dodgeball.

Players can also elect to hold their matches in a number of interesting venues. For example, the Wario Factory has conveyor belts that affect how the players move on the court, while in Peach’s Castle, fountains go up and down to block certain areas of the net in Volleyball.

Up to four friends who are in the same room can join in the fun, while up to four players (one or two at each location) can compete over a broadband Internet connection via Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection. Players can play online against friends with whom they have traded friend codes, or anonymously against other opponents. Multiplayer modes require additional controllers, which are sold separately.

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Ecto-1 said:

I didn't know this was going to have online multiplayer. I may pick this up at some point, but not for several months after it launches (There are too many interesting games that must come first for me).



CanisWolfred said:

Now this is a genuinely good idea. I probably won't get it, but I still hope it does well.



Punny said:

Looks like fun! Wow! Mario and Dragon Quest all in one month! February looks great!



pixelman said:

^^ And Conduit 2, lol.

I can't believe Nintendo overlooked tennis. They've got the Power Tennis engine in their hands -- all they need to do is refine it and add in some amazing Wii MotionPlus controls. That alone would make this a day one purchase for me.



TwilightV said:

I might pick this up sometime. Hockey and Dodgeball are a few of the sports I actually like.



Megumi said:

...I saw the word "court" in the title and thought that Nintendo got sued again. xD



komicturtle said:

You guys REALLY need to listen to the soundtrack for this game. It's freaking amazing. Getting this the FIRST day it comes out



Machu said:

Looking forward to this, online co-op ftw. I am a lil worried though, that the games might be quite basic. I hope I'm wrong, and that they at least come close to the awesome that is Strikers.

Looking forward to a review.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'm sold on dodgeball alone, although it will be a while with Conduit 2, the 3DS, and Pokemon White as higher priorities.



NintyMan said:

Dodgeball had me sold on this alone, but the online will be a very sweet treat. If the music is pretty good, then that will be a plus too.



KaiserGX said:

Same on Dogdeball, the Basketball in this is more fun than NBA Jam alone. Btw Tennis is similar to Volleyball gameplay wise and I am bummed there is no Soccer but that is similar to Hockey gameplay wise so it's all good! Besides you get to Hockey fight!



LordJumpMad said:

The one time when Nintendo and Square Enix get together, to make a game.
It ends up being into a Sport game..........

Am I missing something here?



kkslider5552000 said:

It's pretty much the only time Square Enix is allowed to make a non RPG. Considering the next gen Final Fantasys, this is in no way a bad thing.



Big_A2 said:

If each of the sports is fleshed out into it's own game, then I'd pick this up without hesitation.



Cheezy said:

This actually looks pretty good, and I'm especially surprised about Nintendo throwing in online play.



Gameday said:

its online FINALLY lets see if they get smart with other games of this nature



Markystal said:

Sounds pretty good, dodge ball has me interested. If my memory serves, hockey and volleyball were in Mario Party 5 as extra games. Square and Nintendo should really be spending some time on a certain little sequel to a certain little classic. (Mario RPG 2. GIve me Geno!!!).



Shirma_Akayaku said:

I wish Square Enix could have put tennis. I would have Peach, Daisy and White Mage on my team.
Also daisy has weird pom-pom thingys on her hands



rjejr said:

Wasn't looking forward to this as NONE of the games appeals to me, but since my 4 out of state nieces and nephews just got Wiis I'll read the reviews to see if my kids can play it with them.

BTW I'm not anti-sports, we have Tennis, Strikers Charged, Kart, Sports Resort and we still play Wii Sports, and we love us some Mario, but hockey, basketball, dodgeball and volleyball? Still not interested.

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