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Watch Rhythm Heaven Played with Lasers and Japanese Swords

Posted by James Newton

Now this is technology

The GameBoy Advance belongs to a simpler time, when buttons were king. That's why it's so great to see a video of GBA title Rhythm Heaven played in a way we're fairly certain the developers never considered.

The video below shows a simple circuit involving a laser pointer, a prosthetic finger and, of course, a Japanese sword. When the blade of the sword breaks the laser's path, it activates the circuit causing the finger to push down against the GBA's buttons. It's absolutely elegant in its simplicity, yet not exactly the most practical of control schemes.

Let's hope when Rhythm Heaven for Wii is released it can recreate this minigame without the need for prosthetic fingers.

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Mark_M said:

You can't just PLAY the game!

You gotta do it the geekiest way possible!



Aviator said:

Oh my god that was awesomely epic.

I'd like to see him do Remix 10 like that.



Pod said:

Is the original GBA Rhythm Heaven worth digging through the internet for, when I've already completed everything in the DS game?



Captainlunchbox said:

I just imported the game and played the Iai Slice minigame and it looks nothing like the image used on the webpage. What is that image from?

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