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Miniature Mario Kart Course Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

Posted by James Newton

The course we've all dreamt of

If you're separated from your beloved Super NES and Super Mario Kart, there may be another way for you to get your fix of its speedy charms by following the example of anime association Motsukora.

The Spanish group built a real-life Mario Kart circuit for its remote controlled cars to boost around, displaying it at a Japanese event, but as you can see from the video below the drivers could do with honing their skills just a little more. Still, the combination of music, driving and those tiny little green shells on the course makes it look like all the team's hard work paid off.

Next stop: this, but life-sized.

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bro2dragons said:

you know... i've always wanted a lifesized Mario Kart. if they could figure out a way to make a go-kart track with powerups you can collect, throw, and mess up other drivers with, i'd be all over that.



irken004 said:

I have a Mario Kart rc toy, which resembles the N64 kart design. I got it at Gamestop for like $10.



blink83 said:

That was the coolest thing Ive ever thing in my life! it was when I saw it couple of weeks ago......



Tasuki said:

Lol all that crashing reminds me when I first played Mario Kart on the SNES. That is sooo cool I wish I was that skilled to make something like that. They did a great job on that.



Varoennauraa said:

I hope that someday they would make Mario Kart RC cars, that would have different abilities, like snappier acceleration for Koopa or higher top speed on DK. Perhaps they could even sell different track pieces like coin- or item tiles, that would grant you mushroom or increase maximum speed. I would have to collect them all.



shinesprite said:

This reminds me of this Mario Kart DS Slot-car set I've seen while waiting for a friend to finish shopping at Hobby Lobby. (That store is sooo dull, I felt like I was going to die)



WaveGhoul said:

Pretty cool!
I've always had this kind of idea growing up as a kid, especially with Twisted Metal. Just imagine seeing your weapons shoot out 'Hologram style' and seeing your vehicle react to it.You'd probably have to wear some sort of special type of glasses to see the holograms, but damn this idea alone would be epic.



Yadoking said:

At first, I was also thinking it was going to be something about the Mario Kart DS slot car thing.



warioswoods said:

Well, I went to iTunes and bought the album for that music immediately, so the video did its job at least on that point. This band wins my heart by covering the Mario Sunshine theme for Delfino Plaza.



Dodger said:

I saw a Mario Kart game at Toys R Us. It had Wario and Mario karts and the course looked like Figure 8 Circuit. It was based off of Mario Kart DS.

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