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This Plush Donkey Kong Can Be Yours Down Under

Posted by James Newton

For a price, of course

Live in Australia? Excited about Donkey Kong Country Returns? Of course you are. If you want your excitement rewarded in the form of a cuddly Donkey Kong plush, it might be time to visit your nearest GameTraders and plonk down a pre-order.

Yes, soon you can gaze wistfully into the ape's eyes, though how soon we do not know as Nintendo Australia is yet to issue an official release date for the game. It should be before Christmas, all being well, potentially making this giveaway gorilla a cheap present for a relative. Everybody wins.

Don't forget the new Donkey Kong Country Returns screenshots to see how Diddy and Donkey are shaping up.


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TheBaconator said:

I don't know. You can buy a DK plush anywhere, but you can't get a banana pouch anywhere else.



Pj1 said:

New DKC returns! I hope it conrols OK, it's on my Christmas list.



jack0 said:

YES finnaly somthing Australia doesn't miss out on!!! and its exclusive to Australia too!

far out all you yanks sound so stupid complaining about this, you guys get everything first or exclusive to the states, us Australians are suprised all the new releases are coming out before christmas.



MasterGraveheart said:

Kinda reminds me of the Super Mario beanie characters they had once upon a time... I actually have a complete set of those, lol.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Great bonus, but it'd be irrelevant to say it's better than the banana pouch, since I don't have the cash to pre-order the game anyway...



Junkface said:

Yeah quite a nice score for Australia! Ill trade someone for the banana pouch lol.



Fuzzy said:

I've found GameTraders to be one of the more expensive stores around, but I do like that plush. Hmm I'll have a look into it.



sillygostly said:

What's worse is that despite GameTraders primarily stocking foreign (either EU or US) versions of games with our classification logos manually stickered on the covers, absolutely NONE of the savings that they're evidently making are being passed on to the consumer. >=(

They have a good range of imports that aren't available elsewhere, but even so they're outrageously expensive. The Wii Classic Controller Pro is a startling $50 despite the strong Australian dollar (and the added fact that it costs only US$20 at .).

While I like their affordable range of Nintendo plushies, they've left a very sour first impression on me, and I can't see myself ever buying from them anytime soon. FMD. $60 for a used copy of Advance Wars on GBA?! No thanks.

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