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New Sonic Colours Wii Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer Action

Posted by James Newton

Two player 2D action on the way

Wii's Sonic Colours (or Sonic Colors if you're of that persuasion) is set to feature a multiplayer game where two hedgehog fans can team up to overcome specially-designed levels. But why do the characters have antennae on their heads? They're part of Dr Eggman's Sonic Simulator, of course.

This new gameplay trailer sent over from Sega shows off the mammalian multiplayer mode and it looks like classic 2D side-scrolling action is the order of the day. Gamers can team up to combine Wisp powers to overcome obstacles or go it alone and try to achieve a higher score than their teammate.

Although it was recently revealed that SonicColours on DS would include online play, it seems the two-player mode in the Wii version is offline only, although both versions feature online leaderboards to satiate your desire for Internet connectivity.

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Raylax said:

I like the idea that Eggman created a Sonic Simulator so that he can study Sonic's potential weaknesses... provided that when he next encounters the real Sonic, the hog's cloned himself first :3

Looks fun~ Probably won't see much multiplayer action in my house though



James said:

@Blaketoberfest I also thought of the Tails doll at first! This is looking really good though... let's hope lightning strikes twice with Sonic this year!



SilverBaretta said:

Ooh, I want to play that space level and fight that albatross boss! Multiplayer looks like a fun diversion, too!



PSICOffee said:

Man I can't believe they kept the subtitle "Colors" for the US release, usually anything involving rainbows is shunned as homosexual so kids would find the game gay. It looks cool but it also looks like you still just run right through the levels without thinking about your actions very much. I hope I'm wrong though.

Also add another game shunned away from online for the Wii.



RionaaM said:

So, i'm not the only one who thought of Tails Doll, maybe it's in the game as an unlockable character?

The game is looking really good, but it's a shame they took the online away from the Wii version.



VGC said:

What the h*** is a colour, and what's pegi 3? anyways, hah, the graphics look good, but why can't sega make up its mind with 2D or 3D? Aren't you tired of the rail-like system that sonic has to run on, half the time? I think sonic needs a couple of changes, but oh well.



SilverBaretta said:

@VGC: Europe spells "color" as "colour" and PEGI is Europe's rating system, similar to our ESRB. This is a Euro-based site, you know.



KiroX777 said:

wow i can see all the old sonic games implemented in different pars of the trailer but also has that futuristic 1080p look =D

im glad these new sonic games are iconic again like dreamcast and gamecube. but this one looks like the best one 0_0



VGC said:

@18 I was jk, and I wonder how Pegi 3 add up to/ mean whatever rating it is.

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