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Confirmed: Red Wii and DSi XL Consoles Reach Europe This Month

Posted by James Newton


We brought you news of a rumour that a red Wii was coming to Europe, but now we can officially confirm that lucky Europeans will be able to buy the console before the month was out. Not a home console kind of gamer? Then you'll be pleased that the red DSi XL is on the way too.

The red Wii will be available from October 29th and comes bundled with Wii Remote Plus, meaning it has MotionPlus built-in, as well as a copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and the "original" Donkey Kong pre-installed, though it's still unclear if the "original" part refers to the NES conversion or the arcade original.

Purchasers of the red DSi XL will not only get a limited edition console featuring iconic power-up graphics along the console's top, they'll also get a copy of DS romp New Super Mario Bros. to play on it. The big red machine will launch on October 22nd.

There's no word yet on prices for these – remember, Nintendo does not specify prices for hardware – but we'll keep you updated.


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James said:

My money is on finding out about the US later today. As for Australia... we'll see!



TheBaconator said:

It is like Nintendo is punishing me for buying an XL on launch date by releasing these awesome pieces of awesome.



Don said:

We should get Obama to get the international community to classify US as part of Europe instead of NA so we can get these good stuff released here too?



colmtheperson said:

Well any Australian can just buy an European one... As for Americans, they can still get the dsiXL from Europe and it should work fine!



James said:

Any USers wanting to import a DSi XL from Europe should bear in mind it'll be locked to the European DSi Shop and won't play any US games enhanced for DSi



Majora said:

I need one. But I prefer to save my money for Wii Christmas games. For 3DS I'll wait until 3DS Lite.



citizenerased said:

Boohoo "NOA hates us", that's why you get virtually every game first, right? We don't even get Kirby until next year. Or do you care more about colours than the actual video games? If you do you should totally live here instead. You know, apart from the fact that we always get console colours later or not at all.



Nintendo-is-my-love said:

mario party fan 999 i sooooo noo u r (please don't give out other people's personal information -- TBD) dont deny it ur pic is even Mario party 3. hey whats this about australians just getting a European red wii do you guys not realise we r a country and Europe doesn't own us just because Australia is a push over we r still dont just belong to Europe. and wow i thought poms were the wingers but in fact its the yanks u guys get every thing we didn't get galexy2 untill like july-august and i checked out your stars catalogue we have only got like 10 items in it. Nintendo just forgets about us even tho we r 1 of the richest countries and least effected by the economical crisis so obviously we will make them more money just because we r rejected and no1 wants too share borders with us. anyway im getting of topic RED WII omg me and marioparty fan999 r obsessed with red this is a dream come true to bad we already have white wiis but this is a limited addition i want it. we never get red things we never got the red dsi and never will we got red dsixl but i dont like them there to big. Im so sad the 3ds isnt coming out in red until later or maybe never. i think this wii will never come in aus or usa coz its to celebrate marios 25th and if they havent announced it yet then by the time it comes out in stores here the anniversary will be over.



bboy2970 said:

Nintend is making me so freaking mad! Japan is getting so many cool things for Mario's 25th and Europe is slowly getting the majority of that stuff trickled to them. How many things are confirmed for America? NONE as of right now! I really hope James is right about NOA throwing us a bone soon....



Token_Girl said:

No transfers=No new console for me. (If the DK is the original arcade version, that'd be nice. It seems Nintendo doesn't want to release it on the VCA)



super-nintendo said:

I'm sure America will get our 25th Anniversary "somethings". I hope we get that announcement today. I love New Super Mario Bros. Wii so much, it's a great value in that bundle. I want USA to get a RED Wii Remote Plus controller and Super Mario 25th Annviversary Collection sold seperately. I know Nintendo is bringing this to the biggest game market on the planet.



Djrr-ific said:

I'm getting the mario DSiXL, and I'll trade super mario bros in at my local GameMania store..!

I was planning on getting a DSi XL anyway, so this is just in time for me!
But any price guess? do you people think it is above 200 euros? Sure hope its not...



mjc0961 said:

Thanks Nintendo. I'll be over here checking the awesome website you made us.



OldBoy said:

Yuck!! That things horrible imo blah How is that mario themed?? its just a red Wii.Surely they could have been a bit more creative.And the grey stands looks cack! I'd rather take a spray gun to my wii than have that under me telly!



Pj1 said:

I'm hoping my local supermarket will see the Red- Wii!!! If they do I'll buy one, using my store loyalty card I will get some money off it. Also I hope they will sell them for around £150:00 - £160:00, if they do I'll buy it. I will also keep it sealed, which for me will be difficult........



PSICOffee said:

Wow, I didn't see this coming at all! Oh wait... Europe.. of course. Still waiting for ANYTHING NOA...



Nintendo-is-my-love said:

haha Iz2010 i love your picture isthat the sun in super mario bros 3 in world 2? i hope it is. oh and yeah wtf nintendo of america gosh haha

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