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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Nets a Best Audio Award

Posted by James Newton

Beats some stiff competition too

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was a brave and very successful attempt to produce a psychological horror game that used the Wii's unique capabilities, grabbing some excellent review scores if not the sales it deserved. The game's audio design has received a deserved nod in the form of a Best Audio Design award at the fifth Milthon Awards.

A jury of eight, presided over by Martyn Brown of Team 17, decided on the awards, handed out the awards in conjunction with the French Minister of Culture and Communication. Silent Hill was the only game on a Nintendo format to receive an award, beating a stiff multi-format competition including heavyweight emotional drama Heavy Rain.


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TKOWL said:

This game has better audio than Super Mario Galaxy 2?
I think not.



Ravage said:

Wow, glad to see those guys get some great recognition for their hard work.



Machu said:

I really need to pick this up!! Now the winter months are approaching (awww, boo), I think it's time.



EdEN said:

I'll be playing Shattered Memories over the weekend. Bought it a while ago but haven't had the time.



Egg_miester said:

one of the best horror games out last year and a epic soundtrack its a shame that this will be the last silent hill game with a great soundtrack



BL_Donth said:

I thought it was only fitting that Akira ended the way he started. Silent Hill 1 all the way to Shattered Memories (SH1 remake).

Shattered Memories definitely needs more attention than it deserves.



suburban_sensei said:

Recently on a few podcasts I have heard decent things about the game. When it gets cheaper, I really want to pick it up, or if it's short maybe just rent it for a week. It's great that it has such wonderful audio, because to me, a survival horror's audio is 90% of the reason you get so into it.



RonF said:

Pretty well deserved. The music is good as well as the sound effects, especially those delivered by the Wii remote. The game itself is fantastic. It is the best horror game I ever played. I rented it and, after finishing it, I brought it because I really wanted it in my collection.

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