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While the game shares its twisting plot with the original PlayStation game, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories takes a different path in many, many ways.

Characters can be approached but will offer different responses and be found in different places, while new clues and gameplay paths can be followed. The title follows Harry Mason, as he attempts to unravel the mystery of his missing daughter, Cheryl. A broken man, Mason’s investigations lead him to the mist-shrouded, snowy streets of Silent Hill: a malevolent town where the shadows play host to a wealth of evil, misshapen creatures.

Designed to make full use of the Wii’s unique controllers, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories uses the Wii Remote™ as a torch and cell phone as Mason looks for clues. The torch is vital for scouring the darkened, abandoned buildings of Silent Hill, while the phone acts as a secondary user interface, allowing the player to access maps via its GPS capabilities and take pictures of interesting elements. Likewise, the Wii Remote also can be used to pick up, examine and manipulate items to solve puzzles along the journey. Such technology was not available when the original Silent Hill was released in 1999, and its inclusion showcases Konami’s determination to enhance the playing experience with new, available technology.

Also new to Shattered Memories is a psyche profile element, which monitors every aspect of player’s reactions – from where they explore first, items that have been examined, and their reaction to those they meet. Small visual elements will also be altered slightly, adding to the oppressing atmosphere where nothing is what it seems. The psyche profile will adapt Harry’s actions as and when he meets normal-looking people or the game’s many inhuman denizens.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Hill hath frozen over

Harry Mason is not having a good day. After crashing his car in a freak snowstorm, he wakes up to find his daughter missing with nary a trace. Determined to find her, Harry sets out into the night with a flashlight to explore the town of Silent Hill in...

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User Comments (6)



edofthe209 said:

Yay First!
I saw the demo on G4 and it looks pretty darn cool. My onlu concern was with some serious clipping issues with the creepy monsters dissappearing into Harry and also random items getting left half in a wall. if they get that cleaned up this really will be shaping up to be what could be the best Horror survival on the Wii. I'm loving the psycological concept of things and and am really intruiged by the new frigid "other world"



Klapaucius said:

I watched the videos of this from the last E3. Its looking amazing. The psychological aspect, and how the game changes itself depending on your choices, could give this a lot of replay value. I hope its not just all running from the monsters, though. Even if its just a knife or a crowbar, we need to fight back at some point.



LadyGamer1966 said:

I can't wait to play this since I played the original Ps2 game when it was new and loved it! I love the whole series so it's going to be great on the Wii!



Sir_Deadly said:

I deffinatley wouldnt have given this a 9/10. Maybe a 5 and thats a BIG maybe because I got easily bored with this game quick. Theres no rel combat, and not much action either. All though I did finish it, replay value is low.

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