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Planet Earth, Meet Your First Classic Tetris World Champion

Posted by James Newton

It's Jonas Neubauer, and he's good

They came, they saw, they rotated and dropped and rotated again. The first-ever Classic Tetris World Championships took place in Los Angeles over the weekend, and 29-year old Jonas Neubauer walked away with the crown, statue and novelty-sized cheque.

Beating over 200 players under the watchful eye of former Nintendo World Champion Robin Mihara and creator Alexey Pajitnov, Jonas grabbed himself $1,000 in prize money and the knowledge that he drops blocks better than anyone on the planet who turned up to compete. Here's a video of Jonas doing his thing last year: it's small wonder he trumped the competition with skills like this.

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TwilightV said:

I've always wanted to play a game against a gamer of high status. Maybe one day...



iphys said:

There are youtube videos of the final -- never heard so many people cheering so wildly for every tetris in my life. Wish I had been there.



NintyMan said:

He was just stacking them up one after another! It takes a very quick mind to do that.



KeeperBvK said:

Head over to youtube and search for Japanese gamers playing Tetris: The Grandmaster. Those have a lot more skill than this guy. Imagine playing at his speed but with invisible stones. Or playing at such a speed that you don't even see the blocks falling down anymore. They simple ARE already down when it's their turn.



Blakestationone said:

Those are some mad skills. Imagine what he could do if his Tetris abilities were transferable! Prisons wouldn't seem overcrowded if he was packing the crims in!



iphys said:

Actually, this is harder than it looks. Most TGM players wouldn't have a hope of playing NES Tetris as well as this guy, even though TGM is more impressive to watch. You really have to specialize in playing NES Tetris to play it this well.



Iggy said:

He has skills but hes lucky i hate tetris or i would destroy him



PSICOffee said:

I am mesmerized by the endless stacks of falling blocks. I can't tell if he is making a lot of misplaced blocks, or if he's doing it on purpose to set up a move 20 blocks later!



MetalMario said:

I wish I could have gone to that. My Tetris DS endless score is 6276202, and I held only one piece. (Too bad you can't take that off in Tetris DS.)



timp29 said:

That was impressive. His eyes must have been burning by the end of that. Not to mention playing with the old school brick controller.



MetalMario said:

@Chunky Droid: Putting a block away and saving it for later use. The older versions didn't have it, so I don't really like to use it.



StarDust4Ever said:

Why kill himself at the end? That and he cut off the rocket launch. That is the best part of the show... It's level 29, dang it! Let's see what level 30 looks like, come on, unless you're too chicken

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