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Nintendo Teamed Up With Nokia to Develop Phone Concept

Posted by James Newton

Rejected by board of directors

Nintendo representatives going as high up as Reggie Fils-Aime himself have spoken about the possibility of the company developing a mobile phone, but nothing has ever come to light. A recent report by Pocket Gamer, however, discovered that not only did the company seriously look into producing a handset, it worked with mobile giant Nokia to produce a concept.

A small research and development team from both companies worked together less than ten years ago to investigate the possibility of a Nintendo phone. The team emerged with a concept that was taken to the board of directors, but the idea was rejected and the development team dissolved.

It's difficult to imagine Nintendo having another stab at the world of mobile phones when rumours its 3DS system could contain 3G support persist, but had the directors felt differently we could all be carrying Nintendo phones in our pockets.


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Sylverstone said:

Hmmm..... I like that NES phone.... so retro.

The idea of a Nintendo cell phone though.... interesting.

Why not integrate it with a portable console, just not as bad as Nokia's own N-Gage.



irken004 said:

Nice burger hat. I'd love to have the 3DS have free 3G along with Wifi access, but it's unlikely to happen.



Markystal said:

Wouldn't updating Pictochat to support the 3D video chat, friend lists and online chatting,along with 3g on the 3DS do this. (Hint hint Nintendo, make the worthless throw away have a next gen comeback!)



Tar said:

Did anyone realize that the fake phone has........4 PLAYER SUPPORT? Look at the LED Lights, They give it away.....And it would be hard to play SMW with the controller like that.



arrmixer said:

man I would have bought this phone especially now that the mobile phone market is such a hot commmodity now... : )



Retronaut said:

@Ian Daemon I had the same thought. Based on the (admittedly vague) timeline presented here (in the last ten years), it might be possible that the Nintendo/Nokia phone turned into the N-Gage. This would be in keeping with another rejected Nintendo product turned failed console: the Phillips CD-i.



HipsterDashie said:

If it would shut people up about how show-stopping the iPhone is then I would be all for it (not that I wouldn't be all for it anyway )



mecoy said:

oh and that phone is pretty okay too!



Moco_Loco said:

They need to look into this again. I much prefer all-in-one portable devices rather than the clutter of a gaming device, a cell phone, an e-reader, etc. I think Nintendo could completely destroy the iPhone if they actually tried.



SilverBaretta said:

Don't give up, Nintendo! If you actually do integrate 3G into the 3DS, we can use the mic on the system as our phone! Of course, you should probably develop another headset like the one for the DS so everyone can't hear your calls....



Saeros_Fae_Falla said:

Nintendo already has phone service integrated into the DS(Phat) first. Like Online pokemon battle/trade cell phone based system, where you hooked up youre cell phone to youre gameboy, It was JAPAN ONLY.



MeloMan said:

Video Chat through my 3DS is all I need, and I wouldn't care if I had to be near a wi-fi hotspot to do it as I have wireless intenet at my house anyway.



jediknight said:

holy mackeral! thats a good idea! though... i wish they made a video chat or instant message dsiware on the dsi. it could be possible. right? i mean, my mom used to have a nokia phone, it was cool, so i dont see the downside of the combination of nintendo and nokia. N & N.!lol!



R_A_W said:

I gotta have one!!!(the hamburger hat, that is).
No, seriously-- reely kool novelty, looks fun.

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