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Last Story's Website Gets Updated With Info & Screenshots

Posted by Trevor Chan

Learn more about where the game is set and the combat system

With Hironobu Sakaguchi blogging about Last Story in its final stages of development almost four months ago, it is with open arms that we welcome the RPG's updated website that includes game details and oh-so-beautiful screenshots. It looks like the Final Fantasy creator could be onto another winner.

Last Story is set on an island called Ruli Island which happens to be located on the continent's only-known harbour. What sets this place apart from the mainland is that resources are plentiful which enables the city to prosper economically. Ruli City is located at the centre of the island and is home to Elza and his party of mercenaries; enticed by the prospect of lucrative work. What makes this place so large is the maze-like layout; filled with many small pathways, in addition to the city's larger roads and plazas.

Our protagonists will take on jobs offered by various clients and due to the nature of their work; which often includes killing off monsters, residents of the city don't show them much respect. On the other end of the spectrum, the Knights who serve the empire are respected by all; since they are warriors of a higher stature and lead a more secure life. It is Elza and his friends' dream of one day becoming a Knight of Ruli City.

Whilst on his first mission, Elza comes across a cave where something strange happens. Elza taps into a hidden Gathering ability that was apparently locked inside of him and the mystery that hangs above now is the true extent of this power and how it relates to his fate, as well as the fate of others around him. More information on Gathering can be found at AndriaSang, along with a series of screenshots which illustrates the process of casting spells during combat. The Focus System which can be used on enemies and objects is also explained here.

Another element of the game's battle system is the Pointer; an illuminous line that's visible between the enemy and the person they are targeting. Knowing who they plan on attacking can be used to the player's advantage and we're sure this will play an important part in developing combat tactics and battle strategies.


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Golgo said:

The 'illuminous line' sounds like a rip from FFXII battle system.



moosa said:

I'm really excited about the real-time combat in this game above all else. It looks sooooo much more interesting than... well, any JRPG I can think of. O_o



RyuZebian said:

Step aside Monster Hunters Tri, you've been graphically out-bested on the Wii front...



Punny said:

Pardon me folks, but I have to get a mop before I start swimming in my own drool. This game looks and sounds fantastic, and hopefully it will play that way, too. Bring it to the US, Nintendo!



AVahne said:

Getting this DAY 1!
Now then, when IS Day 1 going to be anyway Sakaguchi?



HolyMackerel said:

I'm impressed! Colour me really excited for a game for once.

And I'm really proud to own the Wii after seeing this and MH3. Finally, we have games with impressive, sophisticated visuals.



KrazyKain said:

this feels like its got the monster hunter combat style, but in an adventure game... and THAT is a win.
also i'm usually not bothered about graphics but wow...



Marvelousmoo said:

I'm really looking forward to this, since I love RPGs, and the combat system in this game looks really fun. Its like a cross between a first person shooter, a real time RPG system and a turned based RPG. Its going to be great... Now I'm just waiting for a release date for the US ...waiting...

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