Moody. Just the way we like it...

When you have the creator of the Final Fantasy series working on an RPG for the Wii, you know it's going to be big news. Since the announcement of Last Story's existence earlier in January, all the gaming community has to grab onto are a few pieces of concept artwork. That hasn't stopped gamers showing intrigue; in fact, it's probably fueled interest even more. That's what happens when you have a reputation like Sakaguchi does.

The latest entry on the Mistwalker blog has Sakaguchi writing about the effects of what appears to be jet lag and as a result, has been waking up at silly 'o clock in the morning. This restless sleep could be because of something else, though. He muses whether it is instead, to do with the fact that Last Story is "approaching completion".

AndriaSang notes that Sakaguchi usually makes his blog posts from Hawaii where he resides, but he has included a couple of photographs of the view from his window in Tokyo; which explains any jet lag he may be experiencing. Although the blog is in Japanese, the final sentence reads along the lines of "Finally, Last Story is in the final stages of development. I'm tense yet at ease."

If you can read Japanese, you should head over to the game's Web page for additional information. If you can't, there's music that you can soak in and various pieces of artwork to inspect too.

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