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Animal Boxing Looking for New Contenders on DSiWare

Posted by Trevor Chan

Another retail-to-download re-release

It seems the Nintendo download services are options publishers can take when trying to reintroduce old games to new audiences, and Gammick Entertainment is no stranger to that notion; having already brought Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ to the DSi Shop a year after its 2008 DS release, the Spanish publisher is preparing for another retail-to-download release in the form of Animal Boxing.

A recent ESRB rating has revealed that Animal Boxing will be an upcoming release in the DSiWare range of titles and if you're not familiar with the game that pits a human against various animals in a ring, here's a brief summary taken from the ratings page:

Animal Boxing is a fighting game in which players – through the eyes of a customizable human boxer – compete in rounds of boxing with animal-like characters. Using the DS stylus, players tap on the screen to jab and draw lines to hook and uppercut. Animal boxers can get knocked out if players land enough punches, while visible injuries during the match are limited to the animals getting black eyes.

There's no word on pricing or release dates yet, but you can be sure to read about it here when we know.


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SilverBaretta said:

So it's like Punch-Out..........but even stranger. This could either be really bad, or really good.



xAlias said:

Huh. Make it no more than 500 points and I'll have to look into this.



FonistofCruxis said:

Little red riding hood's zombie bbq is awesome and one of the best games on the service but this will probably be crap.



Spidey said:


it is in cartridge form, just not dsiware form. I've heard that this games is kinda fun, so I'll have to check it out...



Birdman said:

@irken004 and Spidey - Also, on the same ESRB page no less, it appears Zombie BBQ has a rating for DSiWare. I feel bad that I paid $15 for the cartridge several months ago now.



suburban_sensei said:

If this plays like a portable Punch-Out and we don't HAVE to it doesn't have "stylus-only" controls...then I am interested.



Sabrewing said:

Animal Boxing would've been more fun if all the contenders didn't make the EXACT same sounds.



Punny said:

I don't know why everybody is sketchy about this game, especially since there's a guitar playing do....-oooohhhh, Animal Boxing!



Nentindo said:

Apparently you hold the DS upside down so the touch screen is at the top to play this game.

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