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New Trademarks Suggest Potential Names for 3DS Tag Mode

Posted by Trevor Chan

Possible software titles pop up too

It's not uncommon for companies to register trademarks for potential names of products and services, and whilst most will disappear into the mist of time, never to be used, a select few actually will. We'll leave it to you to decide if the latest Nintendo trademarks hit the spot. That is, until their potential use.

We know the company plans to offer 3DS gamers updates of games, even if doing something as nonchalant as passing by each other in a busy street, through an expanded and integrated version of the DS's Tag Mode. Recently uncovered trademarks (via Siliconera) that have been registered in Japan have shown us some potential names for said service, as well as what sounds like potential software for the 3D wonder machine.

CrossPass, CrossPass Mode, CrossPass Network, and CrossPass Connection all sound like possible names of the always-connected Tag feature, whilst 3D Paddleball, 3D Challenge, and 3D Hopper are more likely to be games or tech demos. Target Shooting has also been registered, which was a demo that was shown off at E3.

Sound catchy?


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SilverBaretta said:

I sent this tip in! Where's my credit?

Just kidding, although I really did send this in as a tip, I'm aware that this might have been discovered before I actually sent this in, so oh well. I do like love the name, though.

@Xkhaoz: It's just a clever name for the original DS.

EDIT: I just realized the site I obtained the info from was a site that isn't Siliconera, so boo on me.



Corbs said:

Sorry SilverBlacktail, we actually got this tip earlier this morning. But we appreciate you sending another one in just the same.



MasterGraveheart said:

Y'know, I kinda like CrossPass. I'd approve, but Nintendo would do their own thing with or without my approval. Still, good name.



Punny said:

CrossPass is nice. Hope to see lots of it once the 3DS is released!



Kyloctopus said:

Nintendo isn't good at naming stuff (The wii series, the Wii, Dsi Xl Super Nintendo Entertainment Console) but this one is good CrossPass.



Hokori said:

2DS why is nintendo releasing another DS before the 3DS the 2DS is just like the Mico, not needed when the successor is out. JK. CrossPass sounds soooo Square....

Enix and thats COOOL!



Radixxs said:

It's alright... it doesn't really matter too much what it is called, as long as it is put to good use.



cnm_nintendo said:

LOL 2DS. Anyway, I quite like the "CrossPass" name... Maybe CrossPass Network or Connection...



Golgo said:

I hope they resist the temptation of pre-fixing every DS game with '3D' as it sounds like something that'll start sounding old-fashioned very quickly.

Not fond of CrossPass. CrossPath or CrossPaths would make more sense, I think. Now how do I go about trademarking it...?



Phobos said:

CrossPass? I like it. Although, I was kind of thinking of CrossPath... Not that I'm complaining. I don't mind any name really. JUst give it somethin' catchy.



fishman100 said:

Kinda sounds like a computer loaded with the games in the "Accessories", but you can trade them with others...



Vinsanity said:

I wonder if Nintendo will bundle those tech demo-sounding minigames into a 3DS equivalent "Wii Sports" and have it come built in with the systems. Just to guarantee super million sales right away.

"3DS Sports" sounds like just the kinda lazy game name that soccer moms would make a kajillion seller, that's for sure!



ToastyYogurt said:

Crosspass is an okay name, at least it's not odd and sounds like a potty word. (Note to Nintendo: You should've just stuck with "Revolution...")



ExploderReviews said:

Crosspass is fine, but it would be cooler if it was something like XXXxlaser-run-around-with-your-awsome-new-3DS-and-connect-to-people-with-games-that-you-own-and-have-fun-laserxXXX

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