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Podcast: Episode 16 - Get Ready for E3!

Posted by James Newton

Corbie talks E3, Zach talks women and James just talks

Hold onto those hats, folks: E3 is just one week away, so to get you in the mood our own E3 attendee Corbie Dillard sat down with podcast editor James Newton to chat about 3DS, Zelda and some interesting surprises too.

We also read your messages detailing your dreams for E3 and Zach Kaplan returns with This Nintendo Life, where he gives voice to an often-ignored segment of the gaming populace: women.

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Our next show is on July 5th, so we want to know: how was E3 for you? Did Nintendo deliver? This E3, good or bad, will be talked about for a long time and we'll pick the best comments for inclusion in the next episode.

Whatever you can think of, let us know: email it to the podcast team, Tweet it to us on Twitter or leave a voicemail on our Skype account nintendolife. Obviously don't send any comments before June 15th: that would just be silly.

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Atlantis1982 said:

I think the strangest thing I am waiting for information about 3DS is if they are going to make it easier for people, that bought the DSi/XL, to transfer stuff from that system to the new system. If it does not, it is going to HURT them in the long run. Why? Lot of people might get turned off with purchasing games on both the DSi and the Wii just because they may not be able to transfer those games to the new systems.



JakobG said:

3DS will rule E3, that's for sure.
BTW, why does the Skype link lead to the download of Skype for Windows?
How narrow-minded!



Token_Girl said:


can you tell i am excited? great podcast, as always.



Dazza said:

Nice work guys, I really enjoyed this month's podcast. I feel even more excited to see what will come out of E3 now after lsitening to James and Corbie's speculations. Like James I too am jealous that the Corbinator will be hands on with the 3DS at the show. Lucky man!

Zach's section was neat too, I'm not sure who all those random people are that he was interviewing because I got distracted by something but I liked the sinister music playing over the story about the Mormon Intendo! hehe



Maxsh said:

I'll consider this podcast NL's birthday present to me, and I'll consider it a pretty damn good one. E3's gonna rock. :3



YoshiSage said:

Something's wrong with my computer, therefore I can't listen to the podcast. But from the above comments, I can tell it's a shame to have to skip out on this one.



Discipledoctor said:

<i>I'll consider this podcast NL's birthday present to me, and I'll consider it a pretty damn good one. E3's gonna rock. :3</i>

Nice! Happy Birthday!



miketh2005 said:

12:50 WHAT? $200?!?!? Has Corbie been drinking too much? The DSi XL is $189 RETAIL! Why would a waaaaaaaay better portable machine be just $10 more than a DSi XL? lol. Doesn't make sense at all. I was thinking $350 - $400.



Corbs said:

Well this podcast was recorded a couple of weeks ago, long before we started hearing rumors of the 3DS approaching Xbox 360 and PS3 levels of power. That might obviously toss a kink in the $199.99 price tag, but I still don't expect it to go up too much. Nintendo always tend to keep their game systems down in price and I don't expect 3DS to be any different. And if you're thinking Nintendo will release a portable system costing $350-$400, then I'm not the only one that's been drinking.



JakobG said:

This article about girl gamers makes me depressed.
I love video games ever since I was young and to this day, I never really had anyone who would play games with me.
@16: No way they'd charge more than a DSi and a Wii for the 3DS.
That would never be mass compatible.



James said:

@Machu Afraid not, toyed with the idea of going fortnightly but just wouldn't be the same level of quality I don't think.

Cheers for the kind words everyone - they're appreciated



Feld0 said:

Hey, you guys actually read my e-mail!
But for next time, please say my name right. It's pronounced "fell-DOUGH," not "Feld-Zero."

If anyone's interested in knowing more about my speculation for this new Yoshi game, and all the clues I've found to its existence, I'm writing a huge, in-depth article about it on my personal site. Would it be OK for me to post a link (or e-mail it in to you guys, and hope it gets featured) when I finish it?



James said:

Sorry for the mispronunciation, but that's what happens when you put a zero in your name!

Also, feel free to send it to the staff using the Contact form at the top. Look forward to reading it.



Zach said:

I'd like to also say thank you to all the listeners. I hope you enjoyed my segment, as well as the entire podcast, and thank you to those who have left comments about it. It really is great to read them!

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