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Mario Enters the Shuffle with Nintendo Playing Cards

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Super paper Mario

In recent years, we've seen video game companies harken to their histories with such successful releases as New Super Mario Bros., Mega Man 9 and the Virtual Console itself. Always one to outdo themselves and the competition, Nintendo's set to top all of these by returning to what started it in the first place: playing cards.

While seemingly available only in Japan, these three Mario-themed decks will retail for 1,050 yen ($11) apiece this July. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a deck, you'll be able to play your favourite card games with the moustachioed plumber and his posse in fashionable 8-bit, contemporary and cartoon styles. Have yourself a gander at Nintendo of Japan's website, and join us in hoping that an international release is in the cards.


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Sean_Aaron said:

I'm not the biggest Mario fan, but those are super cool. I'd totally get one - they should be available for points in Club Nintendo!



x10power said:

I could use a new deck of cards to show off. Maybe I will get a 2nd set to use for Magic tricks where I only have access to the cards.



Golgo said:

Hanafuda ones, please. That would be more authentic early-Nintendo.



Golgo said:

Eh? I didn't know you could get Nintendo Hanafuda cards!!! Woot! Might actually make the game easier to play...thanks guys!
/goes to check/



Sean_Aaron said:

I haven't seen the hanafuda cards in the UK Club shop, otherwise I expect I'd already have them.

Shame really - outside of points cards there's nothing takes my fancy sigh.



Arcanum said:

I just want to hear about that new Mario game that Martinet teased and isn't NSMB Wii or SMG 2. I really hope its a new paper mario for the 3DS. It would be AWESOME if it came out for wii, but it would be EXTREME for the 3DS. O_O I. NEED. IT.



ircreative said:

You can get a set of nintendo playing cards on club nintendo in america.. Im 10 points away.. cant wait!



Raylax said:

Nice idea but they seem a bit... lazy. They've just replaced one of the pictures on each card with some old stock art. They'd've been cool if they'd made new stylised art to suit the cards (like the Pokémon 151 clothing range), rather than them looking like a 12-year-old's photoshopping effort.



BeeZeroOne1 said:

I already have 2 sets of Nintendo playing cards Admittedly, they were magazine free gifts rather than actual Nintendo-made cards, but still pretty cool. One is made up of a bunch of 8/16-bit sprites of characters from various series, and the other is done with more modern 3D Mario-only art. The sprite ones rule!



ueI said:

I'll just stick to my playing cards that parody a certain politician.
@BeeZeroOne1: Those sound really neat. From what magazine and issue did you get them?



WildPidgeyAppears said:

I would get those just for the novelty. I like how it pays respect to their humble beginnings as well as the characters who made them a household name.

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