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BeeZeroOne1 commented on Every Wii U eShop Developer Gets A Free Unity ...:

@allav866 A Hat in Time doesn't have a confirmed eShop release. That game's built in Unreal Development Kit (UDK) rather than Unity, which is not free to eShop developers. It's inexpensive to develop for PC with UDK (with the basic engine being free and a fee required to start selling), but apparently a lot less so on consoles. They're still looking for a publisher who can provide the UDK license necessary for an eShop release.

And on another note, it doesn't have a confirmed Steam release yet either, mostly because Steam Greenlight is a terrible system.



BeeZeroOne1 commented on Every Wii U eShop Developer Gets A Free Unity ...:

Yeah, this has been known for quite some time. If you look at his Twitter feed in context, he was referencing it as an example for why the positive media spin on the recent news that Microsoft offers free Unity licenses to people who develop games published by Microsoft Studios is unwarranted.



BeeZeroOne1 commented on Fan Campaign Starts for Princess Zelda to be G...:

She's not really been a true damsel in distress for a while though. In Spirit Tracks, she was the main driving force of the plot rather than Link, accompanying him and doing most of the work in the Tower of Spirits. Her Twilight Princess role was pretty big too - she acted as a martyr to protect the people of her country, knowing what she was getting herself in for rather than being kidnapped, and being instrumental in Ganondorf's defeat (as she was in other Zelda titles like The Wind Waker and Four Swords Adventures). She's normally the one to wield the light arrows in the endgame, without which Link wouldn't be able to defeat Ganondorf. As Shiek she was the one who united the Sages, using Link as the vehicle for her plans while making sure her magic, crucial for sealing Ganondorf, remained intact. In these respects - her role in the battle normally being from a tactical perspective - her aspect of Wisdom is fulfilled, with Ganondorf exhibiting his Power in his attempts at crushing the people of Hyrule, and Link exhibiting Courage in standing face-to-face with Ganondorf. But he couldn't do it without Zelda. I guess the only Zelda of recent years in which she's been truly passive would be Phantom Hourglass. (Some people would argue the same of Skyward Sword Zelda, but she again played the martyr in that game, as well as having her own - mostly untold - journey across the surface realms, which could maybe be further explored in a Skyward Sword spinoff).

Some would probably argue that her playing the martyr is an aspect of games industry sexism. I'd argue it has nothing to do with her gender, and is more her Wisdom at play - she always knows what she's doing and makes tactical decisions accordingly.

Their argument only really stands if you ignore everything post-A Link to the Past.



BeeZeroOne1 commented on European Gamers Bemoan PAL Version of Super Me...:

@Rapadash6 *Continent. Also, PAL50 picture quality, far from being 'janky', is in fact higher-res and sharper than NTSC60, but runs at a slightly lower frame rate; unfortunately, many non-European devs (i.e. most of them) didn't bother to optimise their games to the PAL standard, so they ran horribly, running 17% slower than in their native format. It played a large part in developing the import market in Europe in the '90s, along with certain games like Chrono Trigger and Earthbound not getting an EU release at all.

Of course, that's not nearly as much of an issue here as with some games, since Super Metroid is one of the games that WAS optimised.
(And yes, I'm aware your comment wasn't intended as being particularly serious. But these points don't tend to get covered properly in articles like this.)

@TroyAikman People aren't upset about paying 30p for a subpar version as much as the possibility of having to cough up full price for such a thing. (Although if you ask me, 50hz Balloon Fight is unplayable).



BeeZeroOne1 commented on Aliens: Colonial Marines Seems To Have Been Ab...:

Does anybody really care at this point? By all accounts the game is an absolute train wreck, and nobody at any of the companies responsible wants to take the blame for it. They knew there was no way it would sell after the review embargo lifted, so there's not much point from their perspective in releasing it, and honestly, the WiiU's better off without it.



BeeZeroOne1 commented on Broken Rules Has A New Game In The Works:

So in other words, it's the game Chasing Aurora was supposed to be in the first place. The initial announcement trailer really intrigued me, but I wasn't overly interested in the multiplayer parts of the game. Hopefully this one will live up to that trailer, because it looked fantastic.



BeeZeroOne1 commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube):

@StarBoy91: In the Pokemon games, Jigglypuff has a gender ratio of 25% Male to 75% female, so technically it could be either

The Smash Bros. series are definitely heavily skill-based. I'd say it takes more actual thinking to become a good SSB player than a good player of any other fighting game, since it's a case of knowing how and when to use what moves against what other characters in what situations, as opposed to memorising countless button combinations. And I completely agree that it's impossible to lose to button-mashing in the SSB games; I've lost plenty of times in Soul Calibur 2 to button mashers despite playing as characters I've known really well, while I can't recall ever losing a Smash Bros. match to a first-time player.



BeeZeroOne1 commented on TGS Okamiden Trailer Shows Plenty More Gameplay:

Wow. Just wow. This had fallen a little under my radar lately, but that trailer has rocketed it back up to the top of my most-wanted list. It's especially nice to see that the overworld looks to be keeping the openness and freedom that made just running around sprouting flowers so much fun in the original



BeeZeroOne1 commented on Sakamoto Wishes to Start Metroid Dread From Sc...:

@PhoenixAran: Nice pun, unfortunately ruined by the fact that Metroid Prime Hunters exists

I was looking forward to this game when all the hype was building up, but there's not much that can be done about it now. I was satisfied with Hunters for my handheld Metroid fix, but then I entered the series with Prime so I'm not as attached to the sidescrollers as some people. Hopefully we'll get some information by the time next year's E3 rolls around.



BeeZeroOne1 commented on Brand New Kirby's Epic Yarn Trailer:

Wow, this game continues to look more amazing with every little bit of it they show, especially the ways in which new levels unlock on the map screen (Lines extending to new stages? Pah! Where I come from, we wake up hibernating bears with alarm clocks and make genies blow tapestries open!)

On another note, the NL font makes "Epic Yarn" look like "Epic Yam" at the top of this page



BeeZeroOne1 commented on Mario Enters the Shuffle with Nintendo Playing...:

I already have 2 sets of Nintendo playing cards Admittedly, they were magazine free gifts rather than actual Nintendo-made cards, but still pretty cool. One is made up of a bunch of 8/16-bit sprites of characters from various series, and the other is done with more modern 3D Mario-only art. The sprite ones rule!



BeeZeroOne1 commented on Competitions: Flipnote Studio - Amazing Giveaway:

Here are my two entries. (By the way, this is my first comment here, but I read WWW and VCReviews for ages before they merged with NL. Does this make me a lurker?)
Space Battle (inspired by many scrolling shooters):

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World of Goo Tribute:

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Good luck to everyone else who's entered!