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Glory Be! Pachter Actually Has Something Nice to Say About 3DS

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Analyst must have gotten out of bed the right side this morning

Every time Nintendo does or doesn't do anything, well-regarded analyst Michael Pachter almost always has something snide to say about it. The man has forged a career out of shooting down new projects and pouring scorn over potentially exciting games.

It seems, though, that when it comes to the 3DS, he's actually quite impressed:

The 3DS was SO much better than I ever imagined, it has to be the hit of the show. I think that they can sell out the first 10 million at any price below $300, and I think that the experience is well worth a price that high.

Anyone doubting 3DS's potential can put their raised eyebrows away now – Patcher has spoken!


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Corbs said:

Doesn't surprise me at all. Once you see the 3DS in action with your own eyes, it's impossible not to be blown away.



MasterGraveheart said:

Man, I need to see this thing for my own eyes. How does Patcher get to see it over a Nintendo fanboy as big as me?

...oh wait, I'm not the press... dang it... hey, Nintendo Life, you hiring? =P



WaveGhoul said:

Damn you Corbie! You lucky Mega Man 5 lovin' bum
Anyways, it seems like the only person who was dissapointed by the 3DS was the Angry Video Game Nerd After he had his time with it he basically sad,"It wasn't worth the wait" The wait in line that is. Oh well, it's not like his opinion matters at all really, he's still insanely stuck in the golden age of gaming and pretty much doesn't care for anything over



Kimiko said:

Lol. Why is this Pachter guy so big anyway? I haven't read about him predicting anything accurately yet, so why do gaming sites keep reporting his words like he's some kind of oracle?




Im the press. I have an absolutely huge website for Nintendo only news. And I still didnt get invited. Maybe I should put the site on the internet instead of this word document...maybe that would help. Anything to go to E3.



pixelman said:

"Once you see the 3DS in action with your own eyes, it's impossible not to be blown away."

So the 3DS has a fan in the front? Why haven't I heard of this feature!



Zach said:

@pixelman Of course the 3DS has a fan in front, how could you be in front of a 3DS and not become a fan?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!




Kaeobais said:

You guys know about the Glory Bee too? I thought I was alone. He's always outside my window, threatening me and making rude comments about my mother ...



LordJumpMad said:

"Anyone doubting 3DS's potential can now put their raised eyebrows away"
I guess its a bad time to have this Profile pic

But it sounds like,Michael Pachter just got his World Rocked by The 3DS.



Simon_Deku said:

Put your raised eyebrows away?! Your eyebrows are so big that you couldn't ever put them down!



jdarrell said:

He wants to see it sell for $300 which is more than most people, so we can still call him clueless



Zach said:

@jdarrell No, $300 is just too much! $299 though...

@JumpMad Actually, it appears that your eyebrows are lowered and tilted. It's a common mistake, but you're in the clear.



Arcanum said:

wait... if hes always wrong, then what if he's still wrong!!! pffffffff wat am i saying? i just remembered one of my personal rules: I dont care wat these guys have to say. all that matters to me is my opinion.And my opinion is The 3DS is gonna be AMAZING!!!!cant wait....on a side note; I also care about wat the guys down at nintendolife have to say since their opinion and mine seem to be always the same. THANKS NINTENDOLIFE!!!!



Ski_Deuce said:

I usually find Michael Pachter to be fairly analytical. That's not a redundant statement.



Caliko said:


I was about to say "until now", when i realized it wasn't a prediction.

But this thing will sell like a freakin' DS!!



PHANTOM93 said:

Now now now, don't be so quick to take this as a compliment. He said: 'it was SO much better than I ever imagined'. But, he never said what he thought about it in the first place (at least in this story, I don't pay much attention to him). If he had originally thought of the 3DS as the crappiest thing imaginable, and now only thinks of it as the 3rd or 4th crappiest thing imaginable - that still fits in line with the logic of his sentence. He doesn't necessarily think the 3DS is good, just less crappy than he thought beforehand.

(Sorry, I just had to point out the guy's rhetoric, I mean, his reputation is at stake! )



Corbs said:

He also said it would be well worth it for just under $300, which considering it's a portable game system, is pretty high praise.



PHANTOM93 said:

True. Very true. I just can't get over the idea that this guy actually said something NICE about the 3DS.



mjc0961 said:

The sooner you people stop making Pachter sound important by reporting what he says, the sooner that know-nothing idiot can go **** himself.



LittleIrves said:

No! Stop encouraging Nintendo to set a higher price point! I'm with you, Token Girl. My limit is 2 hundos.
Or 2 and a half.
2 and 3/4?



mecoy said:

2 hundy or no 3ds............................................................................... well maybe if i take donkey kong off my wish list and then i



Peznaze said:

Yeah, I like his reasoning of why the 3DS will sell. It's neat technology and it works!

Sadly, I think he's right, it won't be $200 or under. It might be $220-250, though. The buzz from Nintendo have been that a 3DS costs significantly more to make than a DSi and they're not going to lose money on the hardware, so $200 minimum, probably more. If you can't afford the price, save yourself the headaches of fighting with the grey market and wait for the price drop a few years from now.

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