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E3 2010: DS's Upcoming Line-up

Posted by James Newton

What's in store for Nintendo's current handheld hardware?

We've seen a few big-name DS titles at this year's E3, most notably Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, but they're not the only titles coming to DS in the coming months and beyond.

Nintendo's current schedule for DS contains the above highlights as well as Sonic Colours, Super Scribblenauts and Okamiden, confirmed for a Western release in 2011. There are some notable absences, though: there's no sign of the recently-announced Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, no Pokémon Black and White and no The Last Window.

Take a look at the DS release schedule here and let us know what you think about the upcoming line-up.

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SuperPeach said:

My poor DSi. After seeing the 3DS I don't really care too much for regular DS games.



Terra said:

In my case, even with all the 3DS news, there's still room for some regular DS love.



Crystalking18 said:

Just a little wondering, but I heard a rumor that some 3DS games can be compatible with the DS, but without 3D effects. Is that true, or just a complete rumor? I honestly don't feel like shelling out all of my money for a new handheld when I got my DSi last year



greenellow said:

really we're getting it, i thought people talking about re: coded was something fans were wanting or something. i guess they couldnt come with any agreements with any of the corrupt u.s. cell phone providers to bring it to the states



Crystalking18 said:

@SuperPeach Well it was worth a shot anyway. I'm quite happy with my Wii and DS games for the moment at least. Probably won't get a 3DS though since I'm flat broke T_T



ReZon said:

Out with the old, in with the new! I'm not saddened in the slightest that the current DS lineup was mediocre, especially when I see the 3DS lineup.



MetalMario said:

I'm gonna miss the DS...I wish it wouldn't have ended so soon, but the 3DS looks epic.



Altkey said:

The only DS game I'm getting before the 3DS is Super Scribblenauts! Then I'll say bye bye to my DSi. I don't really care if you can transfer DSiWare games because I got some really bad ones.



Dodger said:

I wish there was more. I want to see Nintendo make a really, really good DS title that isn't a current universe. (Mario, Zelda, Etc.) It really isn't the best business option though. :/ They wonder why they are losing handheld sales after all the news about the 3ds? I have told people that they might want to hold off buying one because there will probably be a better system next year. It will probably just be a year where I catch up on older games that I don't have. goes back to staring at the 3DSes



RevolverLink said:

The number of great DS titles seems to have really slowed down of late - they don't seem to be a weekly occurrence like they used to - but I still can't wait to get my hands on Okamiden and Ghost Trick.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

Definitely getting Super Scribblenauts. We'll see about everything else. 3DS kind of overshadowed all these games.



y2josh said:

@Joe22: This site was created by Europeans, has european users and the news story was posted by a European. Color is spelled colour in Europe.



SilverBaretta said:

The Super Scribblenauts trailer on the Nintendo Channel is awesome. 5THCELL never ceases to amaze me.



GammaGames said:

you better be able to trransfer DSi games to 3DS!! or ill, ill, b mad! wish I was at E3 to see one though. I woulda been like Can i take it home? Even if theres no playable games? What about for $150? Email me. it probabaly wouldnt of worked though.



Rhansley64 said:

I'm not abandoning my DS heck i still play Game Boy Color Games anyway my point is most likely i'll keep playing DS till 2015.



Rhansley64 said:

Offcourse that doesn't mean i'm not getting a 3DS instead i'm getting it at launch. (With my DSi and DSlite still being active (My DS Phat however did retired).



WolfRamHeart said:

The selection of DS games may be dwindling but there are definitely a few gems left to be released. Dragon Quest IX, Okamiden, Ghost Trick, Golden Sun, Pokemon Black & White and Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light should all be great.



Iggy said:

Professor Layton, Okamiden and Golden Sun are insatnt buys for me. I still need to get the first Scribblenauts so not interest in getting the second.



Token_Girl said:


That's the rumor (and has been standard for pretty much all new nintendo portable releases), so it probably is. Nothing was said about it in the press conference (and why would they mention it, they didn't even have time to go thru all these great games). Hopefully, more details will be announced throughout the week.



Var said:

'there's no sign of .... Pokémon Black and White'

This gives me hope that Pokémon Black and White are in fact for the 3DS and with the more 3D-esque graphics we've seen on the early screens that would seem to make sense.



Golgo said:

Dragon Quest IX will be last game I buy for my DS...then it's time to upgrade - Yay!



Fuzzy said:

Okamiden, Golden Sun, and Dragon Quest is enough to keep me occupied for a while. But Im interested to see how the other games turn out.



pikku said:

/me almost doesn't care about any current games or systems b/c of the 3DS



Sean_Aaron said:

The only new DS games I'm interested in weren't on that list: the new Pang game and Intellivision Lives (sadly not released during my holiday in America).



Burny said:

@24 @21
It's not rumor, it's fact. Nintendo announced full backwards compatibility in their short press statement about the 3DS back in the first quarter.




Super Scribblenauts
Prof Layton 3
Pokemon Black and White
Sonic Colours (need a revw)

Those are pretty much all insta-buys except SC



GammaGames said:

Imagine, Super Smash Bros in 3D!! When you smack someone with a bat, they fly up in your face!! no more smacking into the screen! i want that idea.



93jam said:

Im happy that my DS Lite will get some more new stuff, All of it looks great!



parker60 said:

i dont understand... they had to make a whole new system just to make a couple of classics like zelda ocarina of time / piolot wings / mario cart and others but i can see why for sims3 hope its out soon

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