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3DS Will Supposedly Not Use NVIDIA's Tegra Technology

Posted by Trevor Chan

Digital Foundry's sources 'corroborates' what was claimed by IGN's insiders

When rumblings of a new generation of handheld from Nintendo were first felt last year, there were reports of industry insiders leaking information on the 3DS hardware architecture. Claims of NVIDIA's Tegra chip being used in the 3DS are now being contradicted by Digital Foundry's sources, who claim that a Nintendo/NVIDIA collaboration is not happening, with the former opting to strike up a deal with a Japanese partner instead.

Another claim relates to the codename of the system itself. First there was the 'DS2', and for now the world refers to it as the 3DS, but Digital Foundry's sources "confirms" that the development codename is actually "Nintendo CTR", which would seem to corroborate last month's revelation of an FCC filing image of what's purportedly the motherboard test-kit.

If these sources from Digital Foundry and those of IGN are correct, then what would have been the debut partnership of the two companies is all but wishful thinking now. With Nintendo having a history of utilising AMD's ATi technology in the past, a deal with another company suggests that either its range of chips is not suitable for whatever reason, it's more of a matter of budget limitation. Or both, or something completely different.

If the 3DS really is meant to be on-par with HD home consoles in terms of graphical capabilities, then a change in graphics chip provider could well mean a change in direction. After all, you'd expect them to utilise the same brand of graphics chip as the Wii, would you not?

As tempting as it is to cram as much processing power, and all the rest of it into a compact system, the main obstacle that any handheld will have to overcome is battery life. Fortunately, Nintendo is no stranger to the world of portable gaming and its past generation of systems have all been more than generous when it comes to how long each round of batteries, or charge will last you.

Of course, all these claims are unsubstantiated at this moment in time and the earliest we'll hear of any official word is next week: it's some kind of exposition, or something. You might have heard about it...


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timp29 said:

It will be interesting. I really wish I could see this technology FIRST hand. A 3d portable machine without glasses... this may be my first foray back into portable handheld gaming since the original brick game boy.



V8_Ninja said:

Wasn't this debunked a long time ago? Either way, at least something useful came out of this; we can now call the 3DS the "Nintendo DS CTR".



WaveGhoul said:

The PSP is a watered down PS2, and that was released years ago. So now years later I think it wouldn't be too far of a stretch if the 3DS offered graphics that rivaled the Wii. It just makes sense. I don't think Nintendo wants their next hand held to be weaker power wise when stacked up against the PSP2. Nintendo's let motion controls and other innovations out of the box. Of course they'll continue you to innovate and wow us, but I don't think they'll be delivering innovation over graphics this time, both will be matched



Burny said:

I'd be far more excited, if they were innovating the online capabilities of their handheld more than its graphical capabilities.

After all, the Nintendo DS has a build in microphone, the DSi even has a build in camera facing the player and what was it used for? You'd expect voice chat in Mario Kart, some form of friendlists, just, you know, "stuff" that uses these features.
What we got were friendcodes (per game), and even missing WPA2 support in the DS phat/lite and consequently every retail game.
If friend codes kill an online game for me, having to switch my router to WEP or buy an overprized WLAN-stick and leave the computer running while playing utterly destroys it for me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at them for it! I won't be whinig all over the place, if the 3DS will continue Nintendos "archaic" online system (I'd call it a uge "design flaw").
But if they somehow have managed to develop a device with a decent online system this time, I might even consider not waiting for the first hardware revision before getting a 3DS. ^^

I'll just expect to be utterly disappointed concerning this, so I won't actually be disappointed when it turns out, that they still believe friend codes keep children save. I'll be all the more surprised then, when it turns out they realized, that actually a large part of their customers (expanded audience stuff ) has grown out of the age, where they need to be prevented from taking candy from strangers.



Wolfcoyote said:

I'm going to stop reading 3DS-related posts until E3 as this is starting to get out of hand. Reading these piques my excitement but I just realized that if it won't be released for another year then what's the point of getting excited?



RyuZebian said:

Yeah, I've heard of SOME exposition next week... I think it was about some kind of fun stuff using thunderbolts for power!



motang said:

This isn't anything new, as I though it was the same chipset at the GameCube on a smaller scale.



Legerdemain said:

I Have Said That For a Year Now But Nobody Wanted To Believe Me... I Thought It Was Obvious That They Are Going To Use NVIDIA'S Help On Their Next Home Console Outing For a True Next Gen Experience



MeloMan said:

I never set my expectations too high for anything new until I see previews, critiques, reviews, etc., but I will say that I can't wait to see this system. We've got an "apparently" widescreen top screen, DSi XL sized (probably) bottom screen. Apparently this thing will have the music player and camera functions from the DSi come back. "Looks" like that big ol' screen will be for viewing movies (finally) with that DS Cinema copywritten application. I think it's safe to assume the D pad, A, B, X, Y, L, R, Start, and Select buttons will return (don't do anything retarded like taking anything away Ninty, lol). I'm pretty sure the SD card slot will return, and hopefully game cards will continue to be the medium for games since SD technology storage capacity has come so far. Still no word of "dual-touch screens", not that that's a deal-breaker for me, but it "would" be nice; I think we as gamers are "good enough" to handle 2 touch screens, especially when handling the DS like a book as this is where this would most come in handy. We shall see...



Legerdemain said:

Also..... "If the 3DS really is meant to be on-par with HD home consoles in terms of graphical capabilities"... They NEVER said that in the first place. What was said is that "it has >>>processing<<<<< capabilities that far exceed the Nintendo Wii and bring the device with abilities that are close to HD consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360." PROCESSING CAPABILITIES not Graphical.... no offense but you shouldnt get peoples hopes up for nothing like that



GammaGames said:

My laptop has NVIDIA, i dont get what's so special about it. Except their site led me to some pretty awesome screensavers!

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