It won't really be this size, don't worry

Vague registrations for patents, trademarks and age ratings power the Internet Rumour Mill, particularly when there's a big announcement around the corner, and a recent filing over at the Federal Communications Commission may have the first photograph of a 3DS test kit.

Why jump to the 3DS conclusion when the image title refers to the plain old "DS"? Well, for one, the kit's top screen has a wider aspect ratio than any DS already available, and with the 3DS cat already out of the Internet bag it's unlikely Nintendo would dabble with another iteration of its standard DS line.

The image also seems to show different finishes on the two screens, hinting that perhaps only the top screen may be 3D, or that the touch screen is from a standard DS for testing purposes. There also appears to be a small white addition that resembles the PSP's analogue nub, though it's difficult to say with certainty from the image given.

Until the big reveal at E3 this is purely speculation of course, and full analogue control and 3D graphics on a Nintendo handheld does seem almost too good to be true. Sit tight until June 15th for the full lowdown from Nintendo, straight from its E3 press conference right here at Nintendo Life.