You could fit everything we currently know about the 3DS into a flea's rucksack, so when tantalising rumours come along it's our duty to report them, even when they seem too good to be true.

IGN has recently posted an article referencing several unnamed developers that claim the console outstrips the Wii's graphical capabilities, stating it's closer to HD consoles than Nintendo's home console hero. Naturally, without any on-record source we'd advise you to maintain a healthy scepticism, but that said we'd certainly expect the machine to make a large graphical jump over the DS. If this rumour does turn out to be true, it could lead Nintendo to unveil a new home console within the near future as it's unlikely to be satisfied with a home console less graphically powerful than a portable machine.

3DS apparently does not use NVIDIA's Tegra chips, contrary to rumours that surfaced last year, though no fresh information on its internal architecture has surfaced.

There's only ten days until Nintendo Life gets to try out 3DS at E3 when we'll have all the information as it happens. Check back on Monday June 7th for our pre-E3 podcast where Editors James Newton and Corbie Dillard will talk 3DS, Zelda and some interesting titbits you won't want to miss.