Soon You May Be Able to Enter the MegaMan Universe

Cryptic trademark and internal document hints at Blue Bomber MMO

Bear in mind before you get all excited and jump into your handmade MegaMan outfit that this is just a rumour for now, but it's interesting enough to report on.

A few weeks back, Capcom filed a trademark for MegaMan Universe, with no clue as to the game's content. In a recent finance report, Capcom revealed its collaboration with Korean games developer Neowiz on upcoming title MegaMan Online.

Could MegaMan Universe be a console adaptation? The trademark certainly fits the sound of an MMO, and with Capcom's confirmation that an online Blue Bomber title is in the works the idea gains a drop of credence.

Either way, MegaMan fans will be well catered-for this year, with MegaMan Zero Collection on the way to DS this summer, but the possibility of online blasting is certainly an intriguing proposition.