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Hiroshi Yamauchi Gives Millions to Cancer Treatment Hospital

Posted by Nintendo Life Staff

Former Nintendo president opens new centre in Kyoto

Under the fifty-year reign of Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo went from a tiny company to the multi-billion pound giant we know today, so it's no surprise to hear Mr Yamauchi is still pretty well-off when it comes to cash. He's not buying solid gold race cars and diamond-encrusted TVs though: he's helped build a cancer hospital in Kyoto, Japan.

Donating the majority of the $83m required to get the centre open, Mr Yamauchi's non-gaming legacy covers eight floors with over 80,000 square feet of treatment rooms and equipment, with the first patients beginning their treatment at the end of this month.


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Sean_Aaron said:

Wow, amazing that he can donate that much money. I think it's also a credit to the man and I think not too unusual for that kind of philathropy to be expressed by successful retired Japanese business executives.



Machu said:

If only more millionaires were this generous, they don't realise the power they have. Good on him! Untitled



Phobos said:

Dangit! This is just what I said we should guard against! Don't get me wrong, I think the man has awesomely amazing purposes to help people, especially with the amount he donated (Wow! Ker-ching!), but I still think Nintendo shouldn't be directly affiliated with the health industry. It's not a blatant execution of this right now, but from this, things develop! Rapidly, for that matter, considering the financial status of Yamauchi himself, let alone actually considering the bank of Nintendo...

Anyway, just to say, this is a man who knows what's in his pockets, and can manage it well. A true man with power who doesn't abuse it. I respect him with all my might.



Sean_Aaron said:

@GameLord08: Well, technically he's retired and a "consultant" (and one of the largest shareholders), so I'm sure it won't be named the "Nintendo Cancer Research Centre."

I for one think it's great that Nintendo is actively making these kinds of inroads so that the company is not just involved in entertainment, but also effectively the well-being of its customers (see also the "health diary" freeware app Nintendo publishes for the DSi in Japan).



Token_Girl said:

Haha, all patients will be weighed with Wii Fits and will have their blood pressure taken with the vitality sensor.



Incognito_D said:

for someone that's depicted in the media as one of the most evil men alive, what a nice gesture!



Spoony_Tech said:

This is really awesome. You just dont here this kind of thing from millonhiers that much anymore. I think he cares about people and it shows in his buisness practices.



Klapaucius said:

For some reason, and the only reason I can think of is because N64 Magazine (here in the UK) called him a vampire a lot, I didn't like Yamauchi... now I understand he led Nintendo to be the videogames giant we all know and love.
Plus he's an awesome guy who gives ridiculous amounts of money to charity
Seriously, though, Nintendo should share more of its wealth this way.



Golgo said:

I don't get some of these comments. Why should anyone 'like' Yamauchi? Because he's been on record saying he doesn't get or like videogames? Because he's a ruthless businessman, and if he'd been able to keep Nintendo profitable with some other venture instead of videogames he'd have done it? Nintendo is not our friend - haha! Anyway, good on him. A great and meaningful contribution.



The_Fox said:

Good on him. Just like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, it's always great to see the wealthy use their fortunes to make a difference.



JebbyDeringer said:

It's a great thing to do but it really amazes me how much money goes into treatment and how little goes into prevention.



Oregano said:

All this has made me think is that Yamauchi might have cancer. That'd be sad.



Rhansley64 said:

This is another example of Nintendo's Kindness towards the community and another key reason to support Nintendo.



The_Fox said:

@post 20. Rhansley64
"This is another example of Nintendo's Kindness towards the community and another key reason to support Nintendo."

Not really. The guy donated his own money, not money from Nintendo's coffers.



Starwolf_UK said:

When you've got $ several billion, and inheritance tax means 50% will go to the government anyway when you finally die you start to view money very differently. He could do a lot more but at the same time he could do a lot less and as individuals we have to respect what they decide to do (or not do) and shouldn't fall into being leechers.

In the past Yamauchi donated $60 million to another Kyoto hospital for the care they gave him (health was one of the reasons he stepped down). This might mean the donations are culturally a sort of way of saying thanks.

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