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Hey Everyone, Get Your Dragon Quest IX On This July

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Nintendo announces release dates for Europe and North America

Those waiting breathlessly for news of when Square Enix's upcoming DS epic Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies will be arriving on Western shores can stop turning blue now, as Nintendo has announced that the game will be hitting on July 11 in North America, exactly one year after the game debuted in Japan, and will saunter into Europa fashionably late on July 23.

The RPG sold stupid amounts in short order in Japan last summer, and with Nintendo picking up publishing duties in these regions the game is sure to shift a handful of units. Maybe not as many so quick, but being one of the largest RPG series' on the planet, now with portable four-player co-op and free downloadable quests after launch, it's a big'un.

Below is the European press release. If you want to see the North American one, just pretend the dates and region names are different or something. Squint, or maybe read it like Elmer Fudd.

May 19, 2010 – Launching in the Europe on July 23rd, DRAGON QUEST® IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies™ for the Nintendo DS family of systems delivers a unique experience that lets players enjoy an adventure that is entirely their own, yet can be shared with others anywhere, anytime. Developed by Square Enix Co., Ltd., this game has already become a phenomenon with players of all ages and backgrounds in Japan, with more than 4.2 million units sold.

Before setting off on their adventure, players can create their own heroes, deciding how they would like their face, hair and clothing to look. As the story unfolds, players become stronger, smarter and more powerful, and can customize companions who join their group. Players will have fun discovering more than 1,000 pieces of clothing, armour, weapons and other items that will provide them with a unique appearance and special abilities. Players can also change the class of their character at any time, choosing from a variety of vocations that will impact their abilities and strengths in the game.

In DRAGON QUEST IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, players begin their adventure as guardian of a city who is sent to retrieve the fruits of a sacred tree that have the power to grant wishes. Players travel the world, conquer fearsome monsters and unravel an epic storyline. During their journey, players will encounter mighty opponents in fast-paced battles, and also interact with a colourful cast of characters.

DRAGON QUEST IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies contains special modes that let players to share their adventure with others, allowing up to four players to team up via a local wireless connection and experience the fun of tackling challenging monsters and dungeons cooperatively with their own unique characters. Players can even leave the game active in their backpacks, pockets or purses and still interact with other players via an interactive “Canvassing Mode.” Information about players’ unique characters can be wirelessly transmitted to others, and treasure maps and customized greetings can be exchanged automatically by players who come within range of one another when their games are set to Canvassing Mode.

Players looking to enjoy a variety of different game activities can take on special side quests. Some of these quests will be earned by progressing through the game, while additional quests will be made available for free download for players with broadband Internet access after the game launches, providing hours of additional content for virtual adventurers to enjoy either on their own or with friends. Some downloadable quests will continue the main storyline of the game, while others offer standalone missions.

One of the biggest games ever to hit Nintendo DS, DRAGON QUEST: Sentinels of the Starry Skies has all the elements of an instant classic: customization options, a great story, and the ability to share a nearly limitless experience with friends. So get ready to embark on this Epic adventure when the game launches across Europe on 23rd July 2010.

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XD375 said:

I'd rather have news on Dragon Quest VI's release to be completely honest.



Yasume said:

Wasn't this supposed to be a Wii game? I'm pretty sure that a Dragon Quest for Wii was also announced a while ago.



Kokstra said:

So they're choosing to number this release in Europe too. That's a good decision I think.



Oregano said:

@Yasume: Dragon Quest X is going to the Wii.

EDIT: Which might change though due to the fact that DQIX is SE's best selling game ever in Japan.



EdEN said:

$34.95 that I won't have the budget for until at least november. Still, I'll be getting it then.



ueI said:

I think I will be on vacation in Europe that entire month.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

I might look into this one. Haven't been a fan of DQ in the past due to the stale and archaic gameplay, but if this one remedies issues like the snail pacing in previous games, it may be for me.



Digiki said:


I'd rather have news on Dragon Quest VI's release to be completely honest
Me too, but I'm still super psyched, DQ is always awesome :3



WildPidgeyAppears said:

There any news on what this game does differently than previous entries? As I said, never got into them for several reasons before.



1upsuper said:

@WildPidgeyAppears What makes this series my favorite of all time is something that many DQ fans share: That Squeenix isn't trying to change up the main series. Not many JRPG series have lasted as long as DQ and been able to stay so pure to it's original roots at the same time, which is a major plus in my and many others' opinions. If you don't like the traditional JRPG elements in previous DQs, which, to be fair, it pioneered, then you likely won't be interested in this game, and for that, you have my sincerest condolences.

Anyway, I can't wait until this game releases. It comes out a bit before my birthday.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

@1upsuper: tradition is fine in some cases, but I feel DQ sticks to its origins too much. No offense to fans; the sequels just don't have enough variety to set the games apart from one another. Guess that's why I'm an FF fanboy, even if they don't succeed, they at least try new things each time. I just found previous DQs incredibly dull and slow



Fuzzy said:

Cant wait! I want a dwagon! Looks like Ill be importing this one.

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