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Cave Story Confirmed for European Release

Posted by Sean Aaron

Cult platformer getting prepped for overseas launch

We've just had word from Tyrone Rodriguez at Nicalis that the PAL version of Cave Story has started testing internally (not yet submitted to Nintendo) and has had some changes made that will be announced closer to release.

We know Nintendo Life staffers based in Europe are keen to get their hands on this game (especially those of us that got to preview it), so getting official confirmation that it's coming is great news.

Although not confirmed for release in Australia and New Zealand, we were told "it may be a possibility." So, if you're a fan based in Australasia be sure to make your desire for the game known in the comments below as it could tip the balance in your favour.

Until the happy day arrives when you can buy it from the European Wii Shop, we'll be re-reading our Cave Story review and salivating.

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Gavin_Rozee said:

Taking too long after the US release, so I won't be getting it.

Treat a large portion of your customers like an afterthought and that's what happens.



Philip_J_Reed said:

An afterthought? First of all, the developers don't control the release dates; Nintendo does. Gaijin is often in the same boat with the Bit.Trip games (though this new one is an obvious exception). They don't go to NoE and say, "Don't release this until everyone in NA is sick of it."

Also, they've used this extra time to patch and address a whole mess of issues that affected the NA release. How is that treating customers like an afterthought? They've invested a good deal of effort in giving you the superior release!




Obviously I want it sooner rather than later; but as long as its released, that's the main thing. Insta-download.



Sean_Aaron said:

Yeah I'm pretty stoked about this one. The good thing about the delay is by the time it's released I probably won't have anything else competing for my attention!



citizenerased said:

OH HAI THAR, EUROPE, didn't see you hiding behind that volcanic ash

whatever, I guess, I'll pick it up when it finally gets here



Omega said:

Lol. They've announced that they will someday submit it to Nintendo. That's funny.



edhe said:

I can't see why this should have any problems being released in AUS/NZ - It's not like they have to translate it into any languages, and surely, the idea was that companies making games for the WiiWare weren't restricted by margins (owing to the cheap development).

Personally, I too have lost enthusiasm for Cave Story, but only because I've bought several games in such a short space (I still intend to buy Sin and Punishment 2 and No More Heroes 2 AND Jam with the Band in the near future), but I will buy it eventually.



Omega said:

@Token Girl: Of course they patch the NA version too. But this new version will be released earliest october 2011. Maybe a few months later.



Sean_Aaron said:

If there was a global ratings board that would cure many ills of games distribution to be sure. Germany doesn't share the release lists of the rest of Europe because they have their own; thankfully the BBFC doesn't appear to be that big a deal, but I expect if publishers only had PEGI to deal with we'd see more games localised for European release than we do presently as well.



ejamer said:

Sorry to hear the negativity in this thread. Yes, the waiting sucks... but if it results directly in a better end product then the wait is worthwhile. Trust me: Cave Story will be just as great a game 2 years from now as what it is now. Denying yourself the purchase as a form of "passive protest" would be silly.



DAaaMan64 said:

PATCH THE SOUND IN THE AMERICAN RELEASE! Please! The background music is a 1/2 of what it could be because they screwed it up. Please patch it!



Marioman64 said:

...sooo does this mean NA will get a patch? and if we do, will Nintendo wii-mail us to tell us to update, or do we magically have to know it got updated?



LostOverThere said:

I very rarely come here to comment, but I came here especially for this. As an Australian, please, from the bottom of my heart release this magnificent title here. My group of friends are all eagerly waiting for this game and have all promised to buy it Day 1. Please do not forsake us Australian gamers. We miss out on so many downloadable titles - we don't need to miss out on another.

Kind Regards.



Kuroshiro said:

Hell yeah, this is going to be great! I don't think they are going to make other changes than the soundtrack, though. It would be awesome if they would do some changes in the dialogue; I want Balrog's "Huzzah!"

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