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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Kuroshiro commented on Cave Story Confirmed for European Release:

Hell yeah, this is going to be great! I don't think they are going to make other changes than the soundtrack, though. It would be awesome if they would do some changes in the dialogue; I want Balrog's "Huzzah!"



Kuroshiro commented on OFLC Rating for Shadow of the Ninja Sneaks In:

I have been waiting this title for a long time.

But, it would be cool to have this game with the speed of PAL game being run with NTSC console, so the music would speed up. After all the 50hz "issues" with the other games (like Megaman 2), it would be really nice. Or even better, a chance to switch between 50hz and 60hz modes! It should be possible for every NES title in VC.



Kuroshiro commented on Mega Man 2:

I just don't get it. I bought this game and the musics are SLOW. I mean, the music was the most awesome thing in this game, and when I play it, the musics are so slow that the half of the fun is gone. Is this normal or is my game somewhat corrupted?



Kuroshiro commented on Ninja Gaiden:

If Nintendo decided to put the american version on Virtual Console of Europe, why don't they put the Ninja Gaiden 2 at the same time? If they do not put the Ninja Gaiden 3 on Europe it'll be a serious crime! Still, this game rocks can't wait for third part.