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Cave Story Confirmed for Australia

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Spelunker down under

Attention: Australians! Put that boomerang away and throw some shrimp on the barby! Cave Story was just confirmed by its developer / publisher Nicalis via their Twitter feed. Also, apparently the company thinks that your country is a part of Europe. According to their post:

Australia WILL have Cave Story on WiiWare along with the rest of Europe. The new music (.org and remixed) sound AWESOME now!

Remixed music? Australia, looks like (for once) the rest of the world has reason to envy you. Just kidding, Australia. No hard feelings, right? Australia? Australia, put that boomerang away!

Don't forget to check out our Cave Story review if you want to find out what all the excitement is about.


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Aviator said:

sharpens boomerang
Honestly, I am not excited for Cave Story. Could never get into the PC one, and Monster Hunter Tri & Prime Trilogy will be taking up my gaming time.
It is good however to see that Australia is finally getting games along with the rest of the world, for now. I want Rage of the Gladiator dammit!!

EDIT: I find that picture subtitle rude. I do not ride around in a Baby Cave.



skywake said:

You know.... I don't think I have ever had BBQed shrimp. I have however had BBQed Kangaroo



Oregano said:

Good, it's a bit sad that Australians have to miss out on quite a few games because of the extra rating that needs to attained. It's a weakness of the whole PAL region really.



Aviator said:

It's not an extra rating, its trying to get rated most of the times.

I refer everybody to Left 4 Dead 2.
'nuff said.



Roopa132 said:

@Oregano: I don't think that's true. Basically whole Europe has PEGI as rating system. Germany has it's own ratings board USK and still we get all the games simultaneous with the rest of Europe so I don't think the extra rating is the reason.



Chunky_Droid said:

Never had shrimp on a barbecue, nor have I heard a kangaroos pouch be called a 'baby cave', lol

And curse you Paul Hogan! We eat more prawns than shrimp anyway



Radbot42 said:

so is America going to get an update since they are taking the time to fix it for the rest of the world



Aviator said:

Why should Americans get updates for this. Does that mean we get the plethora of games you have?



Oregano said:

I thought in the case of Wiiware(and DSiware) it's that a lot of the smaller publishers can't afford the extra rating... with bigger releases it isn't really a problem. The lack of an 18+ rating is Australia is the problem there.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"Why should Americans get updates for this. Does that mean we get the plethora of games you have?"

To answer the first part of your question: because our release was crawling with glitches, from the nearly-unnoticeable to the game breaking. To answer the second part, that's kind of irrelevant...wouldn't it be more appropriate to ask if there have been any glitched games that you missed out on updates for while the rest of the world got them?

The answer to that is, I think, no...but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.



Swiket said:

So, this news post is fine, but when I make a post about Australians shooting kangaroos in their backyards, it's racist?



Fuzzy said:

I'm gonna play Cave Story while eating a BBQ'd shrimp. Can't wait!



Malkeor said:

Lol this titles description was so stereotypical...might as well say for americans "drive your fat butt to McDonalds...grab a triple cheese burger, but 2 6-packs of soda, and get ready to play all night!"



Chunky_Droid said:

Seriously? Even we got a triple cheeseburger for a while there.

Is Cave Story that riddled with glitches? This might give me second thoughts on getting it now



Zach said:

@Bulbasaurus This can be easily remedied by simply buying one double cheeseburger and one regular and stacking them on top of each other. Ingenuity is the American way!



shake_zula said:

I was actually disappointed to see that the image had an excuse (however thinly veiled) to be there, I like the idea of all AU news stories being lazily appended with pictures of kangaroos and barbeques. Nothing like a bit of blasé racial stereotyping.



TheSovietChairman said:

Yay for Cave Story! Actually, McD's Australia allows you to do most things, such as ordering a double pounder (that's 8 x 1/4 pounder's worth of patties).

Although they should drop that archaic 24 chicken nugget limit... Although for most McD stores, it's purely theoretical.

Go grab a triple cheese burger, everyone!

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