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Nintendo Download: 9th & 10th February 2010 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

A revamped PC Engine game comes to WiiWare, more Mega Man on the VC and a DSiWare gaming assault next week in Japan!

The Wii only has two downloads next Tuesday, but they're both hotly anticipated releases for strategy and retro fans. DSiWare is where the real download action is though, with no less than seven releases - all of which appear to be bona fide games this time!


Nectaris (1000pts - Hudson) - The classic PC Engine turn-based strategy game gets a major graphical facelift and online multiplayer for up to four players. Hudson's past WiiWare games have had worldwide releases pretty close together so hopefully we'll see this come to Wii Shops outside of Japan soon.

Virtual Console

Rockman 4 (500pts Famicom - Capcom) - This is the third sequel to the iconic Capcom action-platformer and whilst it might not be everyone's favourite, die-hard fans should be thrilled.


Wanko to Issho ♪ (800pts - Gameloft) - You have to give it to Gameloft for the effort put into localising their downloadable games for the Japanese market and they're one of the few developers outside of Japan to bother with Japanese DSiWare at all. As a pretty good pet sim, Me and My Dogs: Friends Forever should have a good chance of finding an audience in the land of Tamagotchi, even with a premium price. [It also has the greatest name ever - British Editor]

Star Ship Defender (500pts - Nintendo) - Known as Starship Patrol/Defense elsewhere, this well-regarded variant on the "tower defence" genre of strategy games has a terrific minimalist design - putting "Defender" in the title only makes it better!

Uso Hakkenki: Kokoro no Naka o Nozo Ichao ☆ (500pts - Genki Mobile) - This is the least game-like offering of next week's downloads. If we're understanding the Google Translation of the description it's either a fortune-telling program or a lie-detector a la Mind Probe. 500 Points seems a bit steep for either, but if it successfully predicts the future it's a bargain!

G.G. Series: Assault Buster (200pts - Genterprise) - Genterprise's unending series of budget arcade action games continues. This game has you controlling a character with a jetpack clearing waves of enemies off a single screen. We'll try to get you First Impressions of this and other games in the G.G. Series in the coming months.

Uchimakure! Touchpen Wars (200pts - Tom Create) - Another inexpensive game with some arcade action. Using your stylus you control turrets at the bottom of the screen and need to withstand an air and ground assault by enemy forces for a fixed amount of time - think Front Line meets Missile Command.

From the Abyss: Anonymous Notes (200pts - Sonic Powered) - This is an dungeon-crawling action RPG that started out life as a full DS cart release a couple of years ago. Pretty impressive for a budget DSiWare release - will Aksys bring this version to North America as well?

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Kaeobais said:

Nectaris has me slightly intrigued, but I have to save my next card for Bit.Trip Runner and Sonic 4. Oh, and maybe Mega Man 10.



KeeperBvK said:

The news should mention that Nectaris is the Japanese name of Military Madness. Not everyone here is aware of that, I guess...



JimLad said:

I too am intrigued by Nectaris/Military Madness.
My next points are being saved for another turn based strategy game incidentally: Worms Battle Islands.



theblackdragon said:

@Chibi Link: not for me... 'wank' just doesn't have the same impact here, i guess, though i'm probably also at a disadvantage because i can understand the Japanese name, lol.



longtimegamer said:

Military madness. Bout freakin time! Been waiting for this forever. Should be closer for us now.

Edit: Did microsoft make a deal to get this for themselves? I Wonder. It's the one thing that makes sense as to why it took so long.




We're meant to be getting Nectaris in February too, though its not for me. Yet again, those lil' Japanese DSiWare 200 pointers sound quite good.



moomoo said:

I want Nectaris really bad. It's one of the PC Engine import games I still don't have.



The_Fox said:

The XBLA remake of Military Madness wasn't too hot, so I don't have high hopes for this one.



Sean_Aaron said:

As long as it's turn-based I'll be happy with Military Madness: Nectaris (figured the link to the game page would be sufficient to clue people in to what this is a remake of). I'm down to review -- don't let me down Hudson!



TwilightV said:

@ Chibi Link: Yes, i'm familiar with it and facepalming as we speak...

Also, yay! Rockman 4! X3




I didn't know there was a *G*abe*G*reens series in japan! I'd be flattered if hey would finally come here sometime



WarioFan63 said:

Edit: Did microsoft make a deal to get this for themselves? I Wonder. It's the one thing that makes sense as to why it took so long.

I don't think so. It came out PS3 not too long after the 360 one so it's really just a matter of waiting I think.



Pj1 said:

Hopefully Europe won't need to wait too long for Mega Man 10...

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