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Hardware Review: Yobo FC-16 Go Portable SNES

Posted by Damien McFerran

Attack of the clones

Those of you with especially keen memories will recall that we reviewed the RetroDuo console not so long ago. One of the growing number of unlicensed clones hitting the market at the moment, this neat machine is now joined by something a little more portable - namely the Yobo Gameware FC-16 Go.

This is essentially a portable Super Nintendo and comes with the handy ability to hook up to your TV and function almost as if it were a standard SNES machine.

We got our hands on one of these babies thanks to the beautiful people at Stone Age Gamer and put it through its paces. Those of you who were offended by the lurid orange tint that afflicted our DSi XL video will be pleased to know that we've managed to eliminate this issue via some complex technical wizardry (actually we just filmed it during the day instead of at night) but sadly the opening portion of the video does suffer from a little over-exposure. D'oh.

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motang said:

Since this isn't legal will Nintendo go after the maker? Pretty cool gadget!



noblo601 said:

Nice review dude, it certainly looks pretty cool. If you want the light levels to remain the same, change the light settings on your video cam to manual, that way it won't change everytime the light levels change.

Good stuff!



StarBoy91 said:

Man, I wonder if that SNES handheld is region-free.
Looks awesome!

@Starkiller - I'm pretty sure you'd have to plug it in to someone else's handheld, just like in the olden Game Boy times.



pixelman said:

It has the Super Tennis title screen on that picture! Win!!

Great video review, Damo. If I had more SNES cartridges I'd definitely order one of these.



LoopyLuigi said:

geez, if u guys watch the actual video, you'd have the answers to multiplayer and region questions.



Starkiller said:

I saw him playing multiplayer, he didn't say how, correct me if I'm wrong.
And Starboy's talking about the original SNES (I think).



Pegasus said:

I have been thinking about picking up an old SNES console one of these days, but if this does get the job done just as well it might be worth consideration. Kinda cool that it does come with two wireless controllers. Not bad at all for fifty bucks.



Link-Hero said:

This looks nice and all for $50, but the quality of the plastic and controllers look really cheap, and looks like it will break if you drop it. I rather get the original console, or on VC to play SNES games.



SwerdMurd said:

How the hell do these companies have the resources to make these and sell them for 50 bucks? I guess my sense of how much electronic, screened devices cost to manufacture is antiquated or something. Still--functioning SNES with included battery pack and two out-of-box wireless controllers seems pretty legit. I'm still waiting for a NES-device with up-to-snuff sound emulation myself....but this is by far the most tempting SNES device I've seen.



JebbyDeringer said:

That's actually pretty impressive. It runs Star Fox which is a surprise. The screen could be a lot bigger but for the price it's a good value.



darebear said:

Cool gadget, but why would anyone buy this when for $40-50 more you could buy a Dingoo that runs most ROMs from the beginning till the SNES era and beyond in some cases (GBA, etc.) and will plug into your TV as well. It also runs it's own form on LINUX, is an MP3 player and a digital audio recorder. I don't have one yet but have heard mostly good things. The LINUX adaptability of seems promising. Anyone have any experience with it?



Damo said:

I've got a Dingoo, as well as a GP2X Wiz. They're fantastic machine but SNES emulation isn't 100% perfect yet and the cost is actually a lot higher than $40-$50. To be honest, the two machines are at different ends of the scale.

@nolbo - I had the light setting on manual for that opening segment and that was when it looked overexposed; when I was filming the screen I set it to Auto and it turned out a lot better. I guess I need to work on where I film, and my light sources. We'll get there, though.



BlueBandanaJake said:

Great review, I'm sold! Getting one as soon as some money comes in. I have one question though, how's the battery life? I dont expect it's phenomenal but I'm interested (and would like to be surprised, everything else about this has surprised me so far )



TingLz said:

First of all, the patents on the SNES system probably have expired by now.

Second, that thing looks so uncomfortable to hold



Damo said:

Yeah, patents have long since expired on these things. Nintendo will never produce another SNES machine so there's little reason in them paying to keep the patents.

Battery life is pretty decent actually, certainly no worse than any other handheld gaming device out there right now.



Egg_miester said:

meh i find it useless for a portable snes/n64 player to need the game cartridges and then on how much they stick out and bulky it is i wouldn't think of buying it



BlueFlameBat said:

This reminds me a lot of the Sega Genesis Nomad. If I ever see one of these babies in a store or a kiosk at the malls, I'll definitely give it a try and, if works well enough, I'll buy it. I'd better carry a couple of SNES carts in my backpack whenever I plan to go to a mall tomorrow.

Hopefully Nintendo will be inspired rather than scoff at something like this and/or try to take legal action. I can think of a few ways they can take advantage of the DSi like this by enabling some of the Virtual Console content by registering your DSi to use with the Wii, registering your DSi to the same account your Wii has, making SNES, NES, Genesis, and TG-16 games available on the DSi Shop Channel and making the ones you already bought for your Wii available to download to a properly registered DSi at no additional charge.

And for those of you who cannot watch the video or are too lazy to watch the whole thing, it's $50, it can hook up to the television, multi-player is done with one of two extra controllers that come with the unit, it uses a rechargeable battery pack, and it only plays SNES carts unless you rip a couple of tabs out.



TingLz said:

@bestbuck: Yeah, Nintendo still holds the trademarks for all of its SNES games, so that's not going to happen unless pirates modify it



Starwolf_UK said:

The video showed off everything really. About the only thing missing was Super Game Boy footage (I saw on another forum someone got theirs and the picture of it working they posted was Pokemon Blue with the caption "Finally, I can play Pokemon on the Go!:") but it is comedic effect as very few people would use it seriously for that.



Rocky said:

Love it! I definitely want to pick one of these up in the near future.



SilverBaretta said:

Ugh! Another $50 I have to save up! And even more to buy some more SNES games! I'll keep tabs on it, though.



jangonov said:

It wouldn't be bad to have, and there is a shop in my town that sells all the yobo consoles (I have the one that plays genesis nes and snes, I love it) I would by it based on that it can still work like a console. Quick question though, does it need to shut off to run the controllers and a/v out? Like, if it was plugged into my tv, could I just unplug it and take it on the road?



Betagam7 said:

Nice review Damien. It makes me want to buy one but I really shouldn't or I'm going to turn into that Youtube fellow who's wife left him

Interesting that it plays games from all regions yet the manufacturers didn't think to make it immediately compatible by not putting those silly plastic bars on it.

The likelihood is that hardcore gamers are going to be the market for this and hardcore gamers do like their imports!



SyFyTy said:

There is a retro game store near me, at a swap meet that sells THIS exact same item for $75. USD. It is fairly well made now I know how it works.



SyFyTy said:

Those of us using a DS Phat should have no problem with the size here... lol



GAUGE said:

Just FYI, there's a new model with improved D-pad and stereo sound. I gotta say, for $60, you can't beat the value.

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