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Gotta Catch 'em All In the Next 72 Hours

Posted by Luke Westaway

Gamers attempt to capture all 493 Pokémon in charity speedrun

Speedruns evoke a special kind of excitement in most gamers: the unbridled thrill of seeing highly trained controller-jockeys doing what they do best, coupled with the shame and resentment felt when you witness someone accomplish in hours what you spent months of your childhood working on. Well here's a marathon gaming event we haven't seen the likes of before - a group of gamers attempt to capture all 493 pokemon in 72 hours.

Playing their little cotton socks off under the banner of 'The Speed Gamers', this intrepid bunch are (at the time of writing) nearly 60 hours into their epic quest, and have bagged a massive 428 Pokemon. The last few are going to be trickiest however, so make sure you watch the final few hours if you possibly can. According to the SpeedGamers website:

"During the Pokemon marathon we will be raising money for Ally’s House while trying to catch all 493 Pokemon. There will be a counter so that the viewers can keep track of how many Pokemon we have caught.
Donations will be gathered using a chip in widget; debit, credit cards and paypal can be used to donate.

Gaming Rules:

All Pokemon must be caught within TheSpeedGamer’s house, no trades will be done to outsiders,
All pokemon that are only attainable through events only will be pre-loaded onto one of the carts.
Games being played: Fire Red, Leaf Green, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl."

Sounds pretty hardcore. There's no word yet on whether they've bagged the legendary dogs, or how they'll be using their Master Balls. You can watch a live stream and chat with the gamers over at TheSpeedGamers. We here at Nintendo Life wish them all the best of luck!


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y2josh said:

Sounds like an impossible task as there are many different factors that come into play. One of which you mentioned, the legendary dogs, which would seem to be cheating if they had them already. Good luck though guys (or gals).



JimLad said:

To me there are still only 151 Pokémon, the others are just silly. =P



Kevin said:

Right now there have 437 and have 12 hours left so it seems like they're gonna do it.




WOW if they win then they are winners
I am going to try and do this.....I probably would fall asleep.



Raylax said:

They tried this last year, as I recall. One of their save data files got corrupted so they couldn't finish it D:
Best of luck to them this time though~



Pikamander2 said:

It looks like they're going to make it this year.

Also, why are you guys just reporting this?



TKOWL said:

I found out Chuggaaconroy is there. It just officially got awesome



TKOWL said:

Now how about a speedrun of Zelda 1, Link to the Past, and Ocarina of Time under 24 HOURS?!?



MrPinguy said:

In the moment Bayleef evolved into Meganium...
They did it.
(I was really lucky to see the ending, i got to the site like 1min before that)

(And actually i didn't see why the dogs are an issue, it's enter and exit the same location to help the odds and use moves that prevent escape from battle, like lock-on, or bind etc...)



y2josh said:

What were they doing in Snap? I didnt have the sound on so I have no clue, but that game wasn't listed as one of their games to be "catching" pokemon from according to this site. I doubt anyone will come back to read this so I'm just out luck I guess Congrats speedgamers and that's awful nice.

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