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Two New Hudson Titles Coming Soon

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Hudson to release two new titles in September.

Hudson is looking to continue their success on Nintendo consoles with the announcement of two new titles that will be available to consumers in September.

Miami Crisis brings a unique action-adventure title to the DS system and My Zoo serves as the follow-up to Hudson's wildly popular My Aquarium title on the WiiWare service.

You can check out the official press release snippets of information on both titles, along with links to brand new screenshots of the two games in action below. You can also see the brand new gameplay trailer for Miami Crisis as well.

MIAMI CRISIS is an action-adventure game worthy of its own prime-time TV show. A mix of crime-scene detection and action elements, MIAMI CRISIS offers the player to guide one of two characters – Law Martin from the Miami PD or FBI Agent Sara Starling – as they are charged with solving a series of linked crimes in the US city. Martin is an intense officer who will use any means necessary to make a bust, while Sterling is an intelligent agent with an eye for detail, and both will face different challenges as the game unfolds.

Playing as Law Martin, players will experience a more action-orientated game, wherein the Miami PD officer becomes embroiled in the hard-edged side of law enforcement, with MIAMI CRISIS throwing up car chases, intense shoot-outs and face-offs. Alternatively, playing as Sterling presents a more puzzle-solving side to the game, with the FBI agent using forensics and detailed examination techniques to search for clues. Both are working to uncover a shadowy terrorist conspiracy, but their successes and failures along the way will have an ongoing effect on the plot.

With its evolving gameplay and varied content, MIAMI CRISIS is a unique Nintendo DS title that will continually surprise and enthrall. With additional unlockable sub-games located as a game progress award, and a unique control interface, Hudson Soft has delivered the ultimate cop show for the Nintendo handheld.

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My Zoo is the follow-up to the hit 'My Aquarium'. In My Zoo, you can raise 8 of the most popular animals seen in zoos, including lions, panda bears, zebras, and elephants. As you feed and play with them, the animals may grow attached to you. They may even have babies that you can raise to adulthood. In addition to the animals that come with the game, you'll be able to download more later!


  • 8 Types of Animals - From the lion and the elephant to the giraffe and the koala bear, all your favorite zoo animals are here!
  • Raise your animals - Call, feed, and nurture of your animals. If you do well enough, your animals might have babies that you can raise too!
  • More animals are on their way - In addition to the ones that come with the game, you’ll be able to download more animals later, like the white rhinoceros and the cheetah!

We'll keep you informed on any new developments with these two new Hudson releases and we'll have a full review of both titles as soon as they're made available. And don't forget to check out the links to the brand new screenshots of these two new titles below for a taste of what you can expect from them.

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User Comments (24)



pixelman said:

Neither of these titles interest me. Come on Hudson, just give us another WiiWare FPS already!



Chrono_Cross said:

I`d rather just purchase My Aquarium over My Zoo. Not a big Zoo person, personally. Miami Crisis look good at best. Doesn't really interest me

Either way Hudson is on a role Wiiware wise!



aaronsullivan said:

I'm not usually into games like Miami Crisis, but that little promo got me interested. Looks like fun.



vakama94 said:

mmm, hudson is now proving to be one of the best wiiware developers, my zoo doesnt interest me, so i may skip that



KDR_11k said:

I don't think My Zoo has a chance at being as popular as My Aquarium, actively interacting with animals is quite a different thing from having an aquarium you can put on your TV to enhance the atmosphere of your living room.

Also I could've sworn I've seen talk about Miami Law being released in the US already...



Sean_Aaron said:

I wonder how My Zoo will stack up against the many retail zoo/safari games that now exist or are coming out in the future...




Miami crisis may not be as bad as people think. I doubt I'd buy it though. As for My freaking Zoo, no thank you!



Terra said:

If my sister see's My Zoo, I know she'll want it, so I'm keeping this hidden from her. For now...



Djungelurban said:

Just imagine if every major company focused as much on WiiWare as Konami/Hudson does... We'd have like 10 releases per week atleast.



shinigami_tidus said:

I thought Capcom would bring Miami Crisis to Europe/NA? o.O
I hope Hudson will release New Bomberman as fast as possible^_^



BlueFlameBat said:

Whether intentional or not, I don't think I'll ever be able to read or hear the name FBI Agent Sara Starling without being reminded of Special Agent Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs.



GameCube said:

I love how the PR flack makes a Freudian slip by calling the female protagonist Sterling instead of Starling, thereby giving their Silence of the Lambs plagiarism away themselves and digging their own grave.



kickerjosh said:

i dont think miami crisis is gonna be such a good game i have miami law and the story falls apart in the middle of the game id rather play unsolved crimes




@Gizmo, I didn't realise it was actually already out! I picked up my latest copy of ONM (last month's issue) where it was reviewed at around 65%.

I wasn't going to consider it anyway

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