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"My Zoo" is a relaxing animal sim that puts you in the shoes of an animal breeder, raising up animals you'd normally only dream of. All it takes is a Wii Remote for a simple, yet fulfilling connection with nature.

There are 12 animal types in total (4 sold separately as add-on content). Select your favorites and nurture them to adulthood.

Feeding them, petting them, and cleaning up their messes is a great way to form a lasting bond.

Each animal's personality will change depending on how you take care of them. Watch them get spoiled, turn into over-eaters, and more as they grow on a daily basis. Some animals will even have a baby on occasion, and once it's born, you've got another mouth to feed.

Game time passes much more quickly than real time, and the different animal types are active at various hours--some during the day, and some at night. Sometimes it's fun to just kick back and watch what they do. So what are you waiting for? It's time to create your own personal zoo.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Bigger animals, bigger features.

We thought quite highly of Hudson's last WiiWare game based on keeping animals, but we also warned potential buyers that it was not so much a game as an interactive screensaver.My Zoo is meant to expand on the previous game in many ways. Aside from the...

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Terra said:

I wonder how this one will work, compared to My Aquarium#

Edit: Seems different enough, could be alright but I have a feeling this won't score higher than a 5 or 6



Adamant said:

This actually looks quite enjoyable for 500 points.
It's going to be mostly a non-interactive background program, right?



Strofan7 said:

Yeah this seems like a game I'd enjoy but I still see the score being about a 6...

By the way did anyone like sim animals? It seems like I would but I don't know of anyone who liked it..



DarkEdi said:

It looks like nintendogs, it seems better and more replay value than see fishes swimming. Maybe a 7?



savvyblue said:

My daughter is only 4, too young to read all the type in some of the dog games or sims and so on. She loves Aquarium Space and she adores My Zoo. It's simple enough for her to do and she loves "visiting" her animals every day, seeing when they grow or have babies. The music's not quite as pleasant as Aquarium Space, but it's fun, cute, nice.

Anyone know what you have to do to earn trophies? We're confused. She got 2 trophies but no others, and has raised several babies past a year old. Do the babies have to go away to grow up to earn a trophy? Thanks

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