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Frank West Confirmed For Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Zombie killer channels Mega Man

Looks like that leaked list of new Tatsunoko vs. Capcom characters is spot-on in at least one regard, as Capcom has revealed at the Tokyo Game Show that Frank West has been added to the Western and Japanese rerelease of the fighter.

West made his first appearance in Capcom's Xbox 360 game Dead Rising, which later received a bland Wii port. His fighting moves seem to incorporate weapons used in Dead Rising and, uh, Mega Man's mega buster. Odd.

We'll just have to wait to see if Mega Man Zero, Yatterman #2 and Joe Asakura (Gatchaman) have made the cut as previously rumored. In the meantime, check out West's new trailer.

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wanderlustwarrior said:

I think they should have decided to put in Amaterasu and Captain Commando first, before Frank, but oh well.

But now that I've actually seen the video, that was really, really cool.



RadioShadow said:

But I want Phoenix Wright who can poke people's ****ing eyes out! YOU SUCK FRANK WEST!



Stuffgamer1 said:

There's nothing odd about him having the buster gun. It was an unlockable weapon in Dead Rising.
I like his appearance in this game simply because it comes with a Servebot cameo. Go Servebots!



motang said:

He looks like a fun character to play as. Looking forward to the game to be released soon.



BlueFlameBat said:

Hmm. Frank West was never a favorite of mine. I bought the Dead Rising game so I could run around chopping people up, not to play as some camera man who walks like he's got a hernia.



Egg_miester said:

hell ya frank west is the greatest zombie hunter out there so many great news i am not sure if i can handle it



Astro218 said:

You can't go wrong with Frank.

You can, however, go wrong with the voice actor they picked for him. Huh?



Buster13 said:

To tell you the truth, when I first heard about Frank West I was kind of disappointed...

After after seeing that trailer, not no more! He looks awesome.



mjc0961 said:

Now all they have to do is make that character actually look like Frank West...



kirstpo said:

Frank West? So many better characters than that. I'm pretty disappointed. Dead Rising wasn't even that great. I agree with others that Phoenix Wright or Amaterasu would've been a whole lot better.



CanisWolfred said:

There's a Mega Buster in one of the Dead Rising games. It's not as cool as it is in here, but it's still a great reference, like the Hadoken in Mega Man X.

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