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Tue 28th Apr 2009

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kirstpo commented on Frank West Confirmed For Tatsunoko vs. Capcom:

Frank West? So many better characters than that. I'm pretty disappointed. Dead Rising wasn't even that great. I agree with others that Phoenix Wright or Amaterasu would've been a whole lot better.



kirstpo commented on The Conduit: More Multiplayer Details Revealed:

Nintendo first needs to abolish friend codes for every new game. There is already a Wii system friend code to utilize and make a uniform friend list. There should be a friend list menu that shows what friends are playing. That friend list menu should be visible anytime when playing games by pressing the home button. People complain about Xbox Live online experiences when they try and back up Nintendo's backwards, unintelligible friend codes. Live provides all the necessary tools to just hear friends, mute people, and makes it easier to add friends and communicate and play game with each other. Nintendo requires that you go online to find people you don't know to enter their friend codes (most people do this even if you claim to have a lot of friends that have a Wii and buys the same games you do). You have to coordinate by phone, email, and forums when you're going to play a certain game, so that you can play at the same time. It's not only a hassle, but it ruins the experience. Nintendo should not try and put restrictions on communication. The tools are there to make online experiences fun and safe, but people don't use them and they complain when it's only them (or the parents) not taking responsibility for themselves, then they try to support Nintendo's dumb friend code system.



kirstpo commented on Review: Little King's Story (Wii):

Is there no IR functionality in this game? I'd imagine that the IR pointer would be tremendously useful. That and the lack of save features are a bummer. Excited about the game though.