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Tue 18th Aug 2009

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Astro218 commented on WiiWare Needs More Exposure, Says Former XBLA ...:

"doesn't need demos. Demos would actually kill a lot of sales since even some good games can't be captured right in a quick minute."

He's right. We need more exposure of WiiWare reviews right now, more than anything.

There's two key problems with demos:

1. Like Ren said, you really can't gauge how well a game will play in most demos.

2. When a gamer is previewing a demo, they go into "connoisseur" mode and look down their nose at every little fault a game has. When they've BOUGHT the game, they've made a purchasing decision, which means they'll give the game far more of a fair shake because no one wants to admit they've been duped into buying crap.

And while #2 is happening, people tend to find that, hey, if you give a game a chance, it winds up really growing on you. I hated SSB the first time I saw it but I later went on to love it.

A lot of WiiWare games are too weird. People would preview a demo, not understand how the game really works and decide they hate it. Let the reviewers doing the screening for us.



Astro218 commented on Review: Family Tennis (WiiWare):

"I'm a little dissapointed to see that the graphics took a hit in the version. From watching the video I thought the same thing, but now I see that is true. One of the best things about Family Table Tennis was the sharp cel-shaded visuals. Sad to see this one downgraded."

That's sometimes the price you pay for better gameplay.

I've seen many, many pretty games get whomped in reviews because, big surprise, good graphics don't save the game from being awful.



Astro218 commented on Phoenix Wright Was Considered For Tatsunoko Vs...:

Nintendo would stomp Capcom into the ground.

I'd have had to buy this game if Wright was in it, though I think their excuses are nonsense. If HAL Labs could invent a moveset for Fox, Captain Falcon and ROB, I'm sure they could've come up with something for Wright.



Astro218 commented on Gravitronix:

What can we honestly expect from the game? Look at the blog: A few guys working part time, no prior experience with ANY development, admitted that they've made lots of mistakes, etc.