Tekkaman Blade is ready for battle

Capcom has said that they would explore adding new features and characters to the Western release of the anticipated Wii fighter Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, but until now they've been pretty cagey about what those shiny new features actually are. Well, besides online play, we know they're pushing hard for that.

This week, Famitsu revealed that Tekkaman Blade (Teknoman in the US) will be included in the Japanese version of Ultimate All-Stars, which is a re-release of last year's game with added features; presumably this is the same version the rest of the world will get later this year.

That much is true. Let's explore some rumor now, shall we?

According to a post on the Shoryuken forums (via Destructoid), Capcom had left image references in the source code of the Japanese roster page to some unannounced fighters: zero, frank, yatter02 and joe.

Looking at the companies line-ups, these presumably refer to Mega Man Zero and Frank West (Dead Rising) on the Capcom side, with Yatterman #2 and Joe Asakura (Gotchaman) rounding things out for Tatsunoko.

Before you lose your mind, remember that this is only a rumor.

That being said, two things lend credibility to these characters joining the roster: Tekkaman Blade was also found in the source, who has since been officially announced, and that the image references no longer include these four.


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