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DS Look-a-like Disappears From iTunes App Store

Posted by Brad Long

Gone the way of the Duck Hunt clone

In a move that is bound to surprise nobody, a search from CNET revealed that the DS App - which had a 3D model of a DS, with full functionality (minus games) of a DS - has disappeared from the iTunes App store.

At the time of writing, there's no word if app developer ZM2 Dev even knows of its removal as their website is still promoting its strong sales, and talking about future developments!

In addition, the YouTube trailer promoting the app has been removed with the message "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Nintendo of America", pretty much stating that Nintendo wasn't happy with the infringement.

You mess with Nintendo, you get burned. When will they ever learn?


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Roopa132 said:

I think nobody doubted it would be pulled. I just wondered how this got into the App Store in the first place... as far as I know every app is veryfied before it goes into the store and every idiot should know that this infringes a copyright. What was the guy from Apple who tested it thinking?



Damo said:

Apple sure do let some strange apps through their approval process. But then they block other items that seem completely fine. Weird.



eripmav said:

Apple's green light procedure's lax at best. I've seen a huge amount of blatant rip offs of well established IPs, especially Mario.



Chunky_Droid said:

I don't think anyone understands Apple's approval process, perhaps even Apple themselves!



DSman59 said:

Nintendo doesn't like to be messed with. That's why they are fighting homebrew and exploits so desperately. Nintendo probably has a special department that checks for copyright infringements and other things they don't like all over the Internet so The Big N can crush the people.



Machu said:

Nintendo should not have had to move on this, that's Apple's responsibility. This should have never been on there in the first place. I dislike Apple already, but this further proves their idiocy.



aaronsullivan said:

Why is it Apple's responsibility?

The open, yet closed, App Store thing is unusual to say the least. There are very few precedents. What exactly are you comparing it to to have a determination about who's responsibility it is when a copyright infringer drops an app on it?

This one seems obvious (especially to Nintendo fanboys), but how could Apple be responsible for tracking copyright? That's a ridiculously huge job that even many copyright holders themselves can barely keep up with (See YouTube).

In the end, the onus HAS to fall on the copyright owner itself. This is what happened. Good for all parties. The developer... I don't understand. Perhaps he/she thought that the lack of emulation would help out.

I'm sure he'll repurpose it a bit. It's mostly the exact interface for some parts and the logo that messed things up. On the other hand, I don't see a big attraction without as close a clone as legally possible.




it is apples responsibility because its very obvious anyway. NINTENDO ds app? no duh you wouldn't even have to check for copyright infringement.Apple just didn't do a good job!



Machu said:

@aaronsullivan: I'm surprised you need to ask.

So it's not Apple's responsibility to ensure the content they offer is legal? And how difficult is it to check app's before they are made available to customers. It is NOT comparable to youtube as that is content uploaded by the general public so the odd thing is bound to sneak through. Apple however are supposed to be a large professional outfit. They looked at this and thought, yup, we can sell that. Durgh! Totally ignoring the inevitable 'copyright claim' as they call it. They sold what they could, while they could get away with it. Dodgy ****'s!

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