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Miyamoto: Mario Galaxy 2 Is All-New, Baby

Posted by Damien McFerran

Famed developer promises some cool new features in freshly-announced sequel

Speaking behind closed doors at E3, Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is based on "about 90 percent" new content.

Speaking about the development of the original title, Miyamoto said:

There was so much more gameplay we weren't able to use, and we were a little disappointed. So we thought what the heck, let's make Super Mario Galaxy 1.5. But once we got started, the team got so excited and started making all of this new stuff. More than 90 per cent of what you see in Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be brand new...maybe closer to 95 or 99 per cent.

While this all sounds very promising indeed, Miyamoto also commented that the amount of play time the game contained would be roughly the same the as the original - which is still more than enough for most gamers.


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CowLaunch said:

Super Mario Galaxy 1.5? Sounds a little like Lost Levels. I hope Galaxy 2 is just as challenging.



calculon said:

Why can't all devs make games that look this good on Wii? It's not like they haven't had six years to prepare.

This is an insta-buy for me along with Super Mario Bros. Wii, Red Steel 2, Sin and P:unishment 2, FF: Crystal Bearers, Need for Speed: Nitro, Silent Hill, Dead Space, Rabbids and the new Metroid. Can't wait - 2010 can't come soon enough for me to get my hands on the complete set!



moosa said:

The point was that it's not going to be like Mario Galaxy 1.5, but instead Mario Galaxy 2.

The first game was like, what, 50 or 60 hours of mind-blowing awesome? Sounds good to me.



Wiiloveit said:

Sounds a little like Lost Levels. I hope Galaxy 2 is just as challenging.
I hope it isn't, just as long as there is some challenge in there. What I liked about the original was that it was pure fun and enjoyment, so having it like Lost Levels will take that away and change it into interplanetary frustration.



motang said:

I am glad Yoshi is getting some love in both Mario games announced! Can't wait!



sjdswanlund said:

It's going to be like Super Mario World meets Galaxy. Fils-Aime has stated that the original Galaxy was more for the newcomers, while the next installment will be more challenging, more for the hardcore players who want more challenge. And Yoshi is one of those reasons it will be a little bit more challenging, and its definitely been too long since we got to team up with Yoshi.



aaronsullivan said:

Yep. It's mine as soon as it hits the shelf. My daughter makes me play this for her over and over and I'm just getting tired of it after 2 years or whatever. (She's almost 4. Trying to get her to play, but controlling the nunchuck with her tiny left thumb is giving her trouble.)

From the trailer, she already loves what Yoshi does. I like that screw item, too. (We just played through Super Metroid together, too, so she is enjoying her first E3. I'm so responsible for her gaming addiction if it comes.)

Is there an online reading comprehension class we can direct some of you guys to?



Terra said:

I was skeptical it would be too similar but I feel more confident now anyway. Would of still bought it nonetheles but still



Adam said:

I doubt it will be as challenging as he says. Seems like a calculated quote to please the type of readership following E3. Still, I will certainly play it. Yoshi rules.

The "90-95%" comment is odd though. Does that mean we are going to play some of the same levels again? If so, why? If it is that close to being 100% new, I don't see why they can't use that extra time they have to make it all new.

It certainly isn't a deal breaker, far from it, but that comment just struck me as odd. I wonder what exactly he meant.



Smileoscar said:

I wonder if the levels will be like Super Mario 64,where you could explore the levels a bit more, or like Galaxy where you just followed a path most of the time.



CowLaunch said:

If you say 100% you're setting yourself up for criticism. Kind of see what you're saying though, slightly odd statement to come out with.

I hope it's a little more like 64, they might give you quite a wide area to explore whilst riding Yoshi.



Mike1 said:

I just hope Bowser is the final boss. It wouldn't be a Mario game without him.



Muzer said:

Well, the models are going to be the same, the bulk of the engine is going to be the same, so it's actually surprising it's as high as 90%.



astarisborn94 said:

Almost like an original game? The game seem so much more promising then before. I hail it above "The Conduit" now in term of anticapation.



J_K said:

Pleased to no end I am about this bomb being dropped as I was with a classic Super Mario Bros too hitting the system in what appears to be within a good 6mo time frame being likely. I loved Galaxy and you're right there's more than most would do. I lazied out and regret it but I got the stars needed by doing each in a row, so I never did an entire world in the game before waxing Koopa. I should really go back and do that world, don't care about the infuriating coin challenges, but the untouched world bugs me.

Can't wait to get an entire new game along these lines as it was so homey being SMB3 like with much borrowed, but so damn new with the physics and everything involved.



AVahne said:

around the same playtime?thats good because Mario Galaxy took for a long while to beat(and i mean to get the first 120 stars)



Twilight_Crow said:

Mario Galaxy was as fun as a game can be, but too easy for a 3D platform veteran; I'm hoping the statements about MG2 being a more challenging game are fo real; also 90% new content sounds so promising.



Invertedzero said:

Yeh i think Miyamoto will make Galaxy 2 more challenging. I only wish in a way these games didn't have to be dumbed down for the new audience of gamers. The so called casual gamers will have had a chance to get used to galaxy 1 as an introduction, and if they haven't its still available for them to buy, so yeh galaxy 2 should be about improving the difficulty, challenge, complexity and epic scale. I seriously feel some developers at nintendo have been frustrated with the limitations of what they could do because of having to cater for its new audience, but its only a few more years hopefully we'll have to put up with this, then the new market and old market will gradually settle into place and coexist peacefully, with traditional games getting back to where they left off on n64/gc, as the new set of gamers will have had time to get used to the nature of gaming, and if they don't like the traditional games, can always still play the casual games that come out.

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