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NSFW: Zelda, Peach and Samus Shed Clothing In The Name Of Art

Posted by Damien McFerran

Every Nintendo fan's dream, or nightmare?

Sex is used to sell an awful lot of things these days, and video games are no exception. However, LA burlesque club Bordello's recent night of video game-themed stripping strikes us as a little bad taste. And we have low standards to begin with!

Lucky punters were given the chance to see such highly respected icons as Chun Li (Street Fighter), Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros.) and (rather worryingly) Link (Legend of Zelda) mince around in poorly-made costumes before shedding said clothing and swinging their private parts about in what was probably intended to be a sexually-charged display of erotic dancing, but looks about as alluring as watching your grandmother 'get her groove on' at a family gathering.

We've only seen this slideshow (which is totally and unquestionably NSFW, kids) and neither the girls or costumes are really worth writing home about. The Samus one is laughable.


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opeter said:

Well, I don't understand the Samus costume?!

The others are quite OK, just the woman, who "plays" Chun-lin has a bit to much weight (or not?)



CowLaunch said:

A bit rich for my blood. Well, at least Princess Ruto wasn't involved. Or for that matter Tingle...



warioswoods said:


Chun-Li is all about the thighs, so no problem there. But I personally found little of relevance to my interests here, which means they must be doing something wrong, for I'm usually appreciative of burlesque imagery and quite fond of classic video game allusions. The combination of the two here, though, is a bit like the problem with watching an opera: they're trying to cross multiple genres, but no one component is particularly impressive taken on its own.

A further question for the site: what is the identity of this site now, with regards to age? I've been under the impression that I have to watch my language on this site, and I could have sworn that one of the Mods once said something about it being a family site, but now you're putting this kind of thing up. You need to make up your mind. It's clearly not a family-friendly site anymore, so let the inconsistent restrictions be damned.



maka said:

Not that bad... anyway, it doesn't really look as they took it very seriously either...



Stuffgamer1 said:

I too am curious regarding warioswoods' second paragraph.
But I find this news report more offensive and less enticing than the Playboy gaming things (which I also didn't appreciate).

Methinks people should stop trying to pollute our classic games!




I know it was just a bit of fun, but those costumes were awful. They could've done a lot better than that, lol.

Chun Li's kicks were, errrm, interesting ahem



The_Fox said:

Many of those strippers kinda look like they got pulled from the B squad of the club. And what's the deal with the pasties?



LittleIrves said:

Come on, those costumes were pretty solid, I thought. And Samus' arm cannon!? Freaking sweet.
And to the person who called Chun-Li overweight.... that's exactly why so many girls have screwed up perceptions of their body. She looked pretty healthy to me. Also, burlesque dancers are more apt to have "normal" body types than other dancers. Ballerinas and runway models, these are not. I'm just glad no one dressed as Yoshi.



The_Fox said:

@post 19 LittleIrves
"And to the person who called Chun-Li overweight.... that's exactly why so many girls have screwed up perceptions of their body"
I'm guessing they meant overweight compared to other strippers.



MarkyVigoroth said:

/takes Henry Hatsworth's mega-ray-gun and shoots at strippers/
/onlookers (and about 85% of the USA) want to perform Mortal Kombat Brutalities on me/



theblackdragon said:

@The Fox: the event was held at a nightclub, not an actual strip joint.

anyway... lol. i like the Zelda they had, actually. the costumes weren't really that bad, to be honest. i've seen much worse.



thewiirocks said:

1. Why does the lady in the picture have a chicken on her shoulder?
2. When did this become a porn site rather than a news site?
3. If you guys keep this up, many company filters will start blocking your website.



Terra said:

This is just wrong for so many reasons. I am also starting to question what age rating this site is aiming for as well.



Will said:

I must agree with the last two comments, I didnt appreciate an article like this on the Nintendo life site. Im no prude, but this is tasteless and barely related.



Betagam7 said:

As mentioned by numerous people already, this is seriously pathetic stuff for a news site to be posting. Its the second such article in a matter of weeks after the cartoon porn that was posted recently. Please read the comments above and take note of them rather than taking offense. Your readers do not want to read this rubbish and I'd question whether you arn't jeopardising your relationship with various publishers by posting stuff like this. I'd also question how you are coming across stuff like this in the first place without googling for it.
VC-reviews had its faults but it was always clear what the focus of the site was, seeing stuff like this makes me wonder what demographic the new Nintendolife is aiming for.



The_Fox said:

Hey, the more semi-naked ladies the better, I say. Don't listen to the haters.



Rocky said:

The couple in the booth on the side of the stage seem to be enjoying it. They are in every picture. Hope they are supposed to be together. On a side note, I gotta meet your grandmother!



Damo said:

Firstly, I'd like to say we take reader feedback very seriously, so thanks for the various viewpoints on this.

However, in defense of the article, I'd like to point out that there's no actual full-frontal nudity here. The link is to an American news site, not a porn site.

As for it not being news-worthy, well that is a matter of opinion. We're not a straight news site as you probably should already be aware; we report on many aspects of the Nintendo world, including weird stuff like this.

To be hoenst you can switch on MTV in the middle of the day and see music videos that are far more suggestive than what is shown here.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I can only speak personally, but I think this stuff is fine as long as the NSFW warning is prominently placed, and any offensive content is "below the fold," so to speak.

It may not always INTEREST me, but I don't begrudge others who may enjoy it. So far this type of article has been marked clearly enough, and you don't HAVE to click it. I don't click on articles about games that don't interest me, but I'd never ask the site to remove them, or stop reporting on them.



greyelephant said:

I don't necessarily think this belongs here, but I can't say that I didn't enjoy looking at the pictures.

It's not like someone said "click here" without you knowing what you were "clicking here" about. Just use discretion if you find it offensive and you'll be fine.



Stevie said:

As mentioned above this article was clearly marked NSFW or kids and i think the article and the picture shown gives a indication of what you may see if you do click the link, so if you think it may not be your cup of tea, don't click it simple. As far as i am aware this site covers a large demographic of users and so some may be interested in this type of thing.

I can never understand why people who don't like (example) Joe Bloggs Blog feel the need to read every new blog entry and leave a comment saying "Rubbish as usual", or if they don't like a band they still go to the new video on youtube and say X band are crap and so is the new song. If you know you don't like something why would you look at it?

Any hoo, it didn't relinquish any of my childhood fantasies, and female link was a bit disturbing.



Betagam7 said:

Greyelephant. You seem to be confused about why people are complaining about articles like this. Its nothing to do with finding them offensive and everything to do with finding them dull, irrelevent and only appealing to desperate 13 year old boys, who think they don't go far enough!

Many people view these stories through an RSS feed and subscribed to Nintendolifes feed to get NEWS update. As Damo says, this isn't news so its understandable that people who subscribe to a news feed don't like being spammed by "articles" such as this one and the other mild cartoon nudity nintendolife has been posting in recent days.

Nintendolife is presumabley trying to forge a good relationship with publishers as it strives to become professional. Remind me again how posting fan made cartoon porn and articles about illegal ROM hacks is going to help it do that?

There is plenty to talk about in the world of Nintendo videogames without going down these routes



greyelephant said:


Nope, I didn't miss it one bit. As mentioned in the first part of my comment you can clearly see where I stated "I don't necessarily think this belongs here". No, this isn't news worthy, but you'd have to admit we've all talked a bit of a deal over it.



Sean_Aaron said:

I thought they were nice looking gals; video would have been nice, but it is only LA Weekly, which I believe is a free paper...



RadioShadow said:

NSFW - Not suitable for women? Shouldn't that be "children"?

The images were too red but they keep me entertained.

  • The Peach costume was decent but I can see why people call her a <insert word NSFW>.
  • The Devil May Cry... err... maybe it's because I've not played the games but it just looked... I don't know.
  • The Chun Li was the best one, and the cutest one. Chun Li with no muscle thighs is HOT!
  • It scares me that Link being dressed as the Women is decent...
  • The Zelda one is sexy.
  • The Samus one is laughable.

Now I'm going back to... playing games.



Ricardo91 said:

This was a pointless article that hardly qualifies as news. Still, I got a minor kick out of it. I agree that none of those women are particularly attractive (the Chun-Li girl was kinda cute though). Most of them look like they're old enough to be my mother.

BTW, I'm thinking that, given all the kids on this site, all thse porn-esque articles are kind of a bad idea...



ouenben said:

Shouldn't it be NSFS (Not safe for school) given that's where the majority of the sites readers will be at, not work.

Which further emphasises the point that this website:

  • Does not need this kind of articles
  • Should not have this kind of articles
  • is a joke
  • Coming next week on Nintendo life, We found a whole bunch of zelda hentai, direct video embeds and image hotlinking included!!!


Stuffgamer1 said:

@Betagam7: But I DO find it offensive! I even used that word in my previous post! So you can't say that's not a relevant point to anybody here.

@ouenben: I think you underestimate the number of adults on this site. I've seen more 20+ posts on various threads asking your age for various reasons than teens and down, that's for sure!

Anyway, I would label this kind of article NSFA...Not Suitable For Anybody. We don't need this site turning into Games Radar or something (with their "straight to the sexy" link on the sidebar...ugh). Please keep it clean, like Nintendo would want!



The_Fox said:

@post 47.
As for your first question: Not every thread has to be news, now does it?
And your second: I would! If you call that perverted, then you have a bad image of the human body, I guess.



The_Fox said:

@post 51.
I see. Well, its really not that bad, but if you're a kid, then no, you shouldn't click on it. I understand that there are younger gamers here, and this just isn't the type of thing they should look at. However, I still think for the older gamer there is no harm in this type of article.



SonicMaster said:

@the fox
thanks for lightening up on me. You know, for a minute, I thought you were just a pervert. What was up with your post, "The more semi naked women, the better?"



The_Fox said:

@post 53.
"What was up with your post, The more semi naked women, the better?"

Well, heck, That one I still stand by. I had to counter the naysayers somehow.



wanderlustwarrior said:

@Damo: Thanks for letting me know when they actually show music videos on MTV. If only I didn't actually feel my brain hurting when I turned on that network.

I'm going to have to agree with the people saying
1) this isn't really newsworthy at all

2)the inconsistencies are pretty irritating for what does and doesn't get put up on this site. A case I've made before was this thread on the forums: (, which as I've stated in the thread is doing exactly what the general discussion thread is for. If you're going to remove profane language (as well you should, that N-word business a while back infuriated me, and not just as a black male), you should at least remove this stuff from the front page (this from a TEENAGE [adult] male, probably a pretty big demographic for the company involved)



Betagam7 said:

I've just read that VC-Forums, initially setup as a forum for the original VC-reviews (now amalgamated into this site), are cancelling their news feed from Nintendolife due to these types of articles.
I hope somebody at Nintendolife is paying attention as if this decision is replicated elsewhere these types of articles are going to lose this site a lot of hits.



ouenben said:

Yeah Betagam7, things are obviously not the greatest if websites are cutting their direct feeds from you.

Stupid 'news' articles aside it would be nice if the writers here gave the puns a bit of a rest. They're just not funny.

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