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Klonoa 3? Depends On Wiimake's Sales

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Series creator has ideas for sequel but needs financial incentive.

Cartoony platformer Klonoa's Wiimake has enjoyed critical success, which must make Namco pleased as punch over the decision to resurrect the series. So does that mean sequels are imminent?

That one falls under a big fat "maybe," as the series creator, Hideo Yoshizawa, told Nintendo Power that critics ain't everything, y'all:

Nintendo Power: You've mentioned in previous interviews that you would love to work on a brand new Klonoa some day. Do you really have some ideas in mind for Klonoa 3?

Hideo Yoshizawa: I'm always thinking about the scenario and new gameplay ideas, but it all depends on the sales of the new Wii game, so I can't say anything derivative.

We'll have to wait another couple weeks to get NPD sales results on the remake. Somewhere, Matthew Perry is surely on edge.


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y2josh said:

Sweet! I guess i'll go ahead and get my copy of Klonoa tomorrow so they'll have one more unit sold.



Kittsy said:

Klonoa! Awesome.
I played the crappy GBA ones, and they were actually decent. So this one has to be good.



Dazza said:

I'm really enjoying the Klonoa remake on the Wii at the moment. It was a steal at £14.99 on I would be more than happy to buy Klonoa 3, let's hope that sales are good enough to justify this!



Wiiloveit said:

Iit all depends on the sales of the new Wii game, so I can't say anything derivative.
That's a no, then. Apparantly in the first week, it only got 1000 sales across America :S
Either way, once my exams are over and I've got a bit more time and money to spend on games, I am DEFINITELY going to be getting this game.



Teppo_Holmqvist said:

"That's a no, then. Apparantly in the first week, it only got 1000 sales across America"

Yup. But then again, the game wasn't even officially sold during the tracked period. All those 1000 copies are from stores that broke street dates.



mikejonesuk said:

QUOTE: "Hideo Yoshizawa: I'm always thinking about the scenario and new gameplay ideas, but it all depends on the sales of the new Wii game, so I can't say anything derivative."

Derivative? Surely that should be "definitive".



natendo said:

How about a port of Klonoa 2 first? I would love to play that game again!

Then again, I would rather want a new Klonoa game since Klonoa 2 is relatively cheap and not as rare on ebay.



James2t3 said:

Well I wouldn't count on it, there have been stock issues in the everywhere.
It's not in GAME, Gamestop,HMV,'s not even on the bloody nintendo channel.
Amazon have it listed but it's not in stock because of "issues" the only place i could find it is



Pegasus said:

Yeah, Klonoa is a really fun game, though I could live without the extremely kiddie cutscenes.



Objection said:

I hope it sells well enough...even though I don't plan to pick this up for a while (ever-decreasing game budget T.T)



Terra said:

I'll buy it, once a get a job after I finish my exams. While the idea of a Wiimake of Klonoa 2 is a good idea, I'd rather see a new game first. I can just buy Klonoa 2 on the PS2 anyway.

It won't just be how many units are sold, it's how much profit they get from the units. Potentially, depending on what retailers charge, they could get a million units sold and not make enough profit to warrant a sequel. Play are selling the game for £17.99, so i doubt they're making much profit there.



accc said:

"With a positive reputation the game has gotten, Sony fanboys must be jelous now."
I don't think they'd have any reason to be jealous unless Klonoa 3 actually gets announced as a Wii exclusive. After all they still have the superior Klonoa 2 as an exclusive, plus the original could eventually come out on PSN.



Terra said:

Considering Namco Bandai chose to spend their resources into remaking the game, i doubt they'll release the original on the PSN anytime soon, unless it doesn't sell very well on the Wii. We need some hard sales figures before we can make any judgement.



WolfRamHeart said:

I would do anything to see a Klonoa 3 on the Wii but first I want to see a port of Klonoa 2 because I haven't played that one yet!



SonicMaster said:

Klonoa 3? Let me get this straight. There's the first one. Next, there's Klonoa 2 for ps2. After that, there's Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament and Klonoa: Empire of Dreams. Finally, there's the wiimake. Wouldn't that mean the next one would be 4 or 5?



Ricardo91 said:

The two GBA Klonoa games are not part of the main Klonoa series. They're only spinoffs.



Jockolantern said:

I would highly recommend picking up this game, folks. It deserves every bit of the support we can give it and then some. 'Klonoa 3' is a game that I know many of we platforming fans would absolutely love to see developed and I truly hope that this Wiimake of the original game sells well enough to convince them to bring more unique Klonoa content to Nintendo's console. Like I said, this game is truly great enough (and at $30, who can complain?!) to deserve our combined support!



0-Watt said:

Just FYI: The 1000 number everyone is stating is NOT from a week's sales. Apparently these were from some stores that broke the street date by about a week. While I do feel that Klonoa will not sell >50k in a month, I do think a slow burn is what will make it successful. Enough for a Klonoa 2 port, I'm sure.



Popyman said:

Klonoa sold 15k units in the first week it was REALLY out. In Japan, it sold 30k in the first TEN weeks. So, atleast, it's doing a heck of a lot better here.

Oh, and I don't have the link on me, it was posted on the GameFAQs board, I believe.



rustythekid said:

I really like this game, a friend just told me it looks too stupid and for kids... yeah well... I'm a stupid kid!!!



BlueFlameBat said:

I already bought my copy. I guess I could buy another one since I lent mine to a friend and now she seems pretty attached to it. I'd also like to see Klonoa 2 make it to the Wii.



Ian_Daemon said:

Klonoa was pretty good on the Wii! It was a little easy, but well worth the purchase. (The beginning and middle of the game were easy; the end tested your platforming skills.)

Let's see Klonoa 3 (and a Tomba wii-make)!



DreamWatcher said:

I heard Klonoa got gold for it's sales (source: ign).
Let's hope there's another Klonoa game. I even managed to track down one of the few last copies of Klonoa 2 in my city. This game series rocks. (Oh, and Wahoo! Stepping Wind!)



superkissen said:

i just cleared Klonoa 2 and i must say im in tears, ive bought the soundtracks for both games and i wish there was a sequel, games with sublimeral meanings like this MUST exist ; _ ; this world is so cold without them, im tempted to buy another copy just to contribute or if theres some way to donate ;-; and theres nothing wrong with kiddy cutscenes!
they actually adds to the beauty of the storyline!
to be completely honest stories like this beat new age games like mass effect because it has a meaning to it just like a fable!

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