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Tue 3rd January, 2006

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James2t3 commented on Pachter to Operation Rainfall: "I Agree":

WTF, pachter isn't anti Nintendo at all.
He was the one saying the 3ds could be 300bucks and still sell well.

He hates on all the big three hardware manufacturers when he sees them making (from his perspective) stupid decisions.



James2t3 commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd February 2010 (North A...:

lol, VC is crap anyway I'd never pay for anything on that service especially with shoddy Euro 50htz games, I just use homebrew channels emulators which offer full 60htz and smoothed out edges.
I'd rather support Wiiware developers.



James2t3 commented on Klonoa 3? Depends On Wiimake's Sales:

Well I wouldn't count on it, there have been stock issues in the everywhere.
It's not in GAME, Gamestop,HMV,'s not even on the bloody nintendo channel.
Amazon have it listed but it's not in stock because of "issues" the only place i could find it is




James2t3 commented on Photo Channel Losing MP3 Support:

I don't think games will suffer they probably have the MP3 player on the actual disk rather than using it from the firmware.
Still it makes you wonder about future MP3 support in new games.

All in all it's not terribly important the channel is pretty crap and I doubt anyone was using it for MP3 play back so the decided to save some money on it by getting rid of MP3 support.

Still weird and makes them look like cheapskates though.



James2t3 commented on Out Today - Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chroni...:

I thought this was gonna turn out rubbish but it's been getting some decent reviews around the web.

May get it eventually, coop is always a blast in rail shooters. Probably won't be getting the zapper or using it if it's bundled, never liked the look of the thing.



James2t3 commented on The Hardcasual Gamer:

Tis true. Mini game collections get boring quickly and games like Mass Effect are just scary in how much time you need to pour into them to even scratch the surface.



James2t3 commented on Review: Elite Beat Agents:

Yeah the japanese version was a but more fun and wacky but i still really enjoyed this.
This game had a few nice extras in the package aswell with saving replays and a better multiplayer mode aswell so it gains points there.



James2t3 commented on Wii Sports Replacements Almost Complete:

I remember there was a Baseball in development for the Gamecube, Pennant chase baseball i think? It was actually pretty much finished if i remember correctly but it never saw the light of has to be in development for wii now.



James2t3 commented on Wii Opera Browser Free Until June 2007:

I think the DVD idea may have been scrapped because while it would have been a nice feature it's very passive, it's not really drawing in a potentalliy diffrent audiance and getting them to use the wiiremote. Sure they will use it to turn it on and go throught the DVD menue but then what? there sitting there for 2 hours completly uninterested in the wii (it's just a DVD to them player after all).
The functions they are putting into it are all cleverly planted in so they while there brannching out to other non game uses they are getting the potential non gamer using the remote, getting them used to it and then there is the chance they might try out a game.
A DVD player would have probably boosted sales a bit but for all the wrong resons. It still would have been nice for a dongle add on but I do have 4 DVD players in the house.



James2t3 commented on European Wii Launch Details:

Yeah the price seemed a little steep but i must admit the little extra like viewing photos, news, the opera browser, Mii people ceator and the wii sports bundle seem like a nice package.
I know my mum will definitly be pleased with the photo viewer, it totally trounces the card reader i have that connect to the TV, although i do hope it will be able to read off USB memory sticks or have the option to attach a card reader to the USB ports aswell, would be quite anoying having to transfer photos to a SDcard all the time.



James2t3 commented on Justin Lee Collins To Host Golden Joysticks:

I never watch these shows, there always a bit naff. You know by looking at some of the people there they don't really want to be there :(.

It's just all abit silly, TV isn't really the proper medium. it's like "omg GTA won best sound track OMG, now lets take a look at this game" boring game play footage, old trailer or worst of all they animate the charachter and pretend there talking to them or somthin.

Still I kinda like Justin Lee Collins he's a bit funny and always sounds enthusiastic.



James2t3 commented on House of the Dead 3: The Movie:

Well I dunno....hav't kept up with the house of dead games, only played the first one on an arcade machine, good fun.
Still I predict another smelly average movie.



James2t3 commented on Multimedia Nintendo DS:

Pretty good they broke it up into diffrent sizes for diffrent prices, no way was the 4GB for £130 gonna sell well on its own.



James2t3 commented on Star Fox Takes Command:

Good to see the service getting more and more support :) and the actual game sounds pretty intresting. Hopfully it's a decent flying game.



James2t3 commented on Nintendo Registers Multiple Domains:

It reminds me on the Arcade and Sports range logos Nintendo used to have on NES covers. They seem to be getting back into that with the DS having the touch generation logos on certain games aswell.



James2t3 commented on Opera Wii:

Yeah I use opera on my computer seems to hog less resources than Firefox.



James2t3 commented on Reggie For President:

He just sounds like a nice guy and knows how to talk to fans. He must be doing great things to get a promotion like that.



James2t3 commented on Gamers To Get LOST:

Cooooool well thank god ubisoft is doing it atleast it actualy has a chance of being good. :D



James2t3 commented on Red Steel Screens!:

Is it just the magazine cut outs or are all of those images in 16:9? Hopfully that along with Progressive scan and Dolby digital they will be standerd features :)



James2t3 commented on Keita Takahashi Not Interested In the Revolution:

He might feel nintendo is trying to hog the credit for evey inovation that the revolution sees cause it's there amazing controller. It would maby take away some of the credit from the deveolpers. But this gen we've seen very little inovation so...I can only see the Revmote as a great oppertunity to try and make new games, plus he can always just use the standerd controller shell...well what ever a bit dissapointing but as nanaki said he aint making any more Katamri games. I hear he is more intrested in desighning childrens parks now.