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Gladiator A.D. Trailer Is Ready To Shower You In Gore

Posted by Damien McFerran

First proper look at High Voltage's blood-soaked Roman epic

Website IGN has the first trailer of High Voltage's highly promising fighter Gladiator A.D.

The clip lasts just over a minute and sets the scene quite nicely with some well-scripted narration (from Liam Neeson, if our ears don't deceive us).

It ends with two burly blokes fighting to the death and naturally has quite a gory conclusion - hence the fact that IGN's site makes you input your date of birth before playing the trailer.

If you feel you have a strong enough constitution, you can view the trailer here.

The game is expected in early 2010.


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Shiryu said:

I liked what I saw... maybe a bit too much, in fact. I may need professional help. =P



pixelman said:

The trailer was disappointing, and the graphics didn't look all that great.



Adam said:

Wow, that looks awful, even for High Voltage. Pointless voice over. Blocky, weirdly animated people. Slow, unexciting action. Colors that make Gears of War look like a rainbow in comparison. Hopefully that co-op monster hunting game is better, but I'm not crossing my fingers.



siavm said:

The trailer was awesome, and the graphics looked pretty good.



SD28821 said:

this is an example of a horrible game trailer the voice over was the best bit



Dazza said:

I am really unconvinced by this, not only does it not look as good as many Gamecube games (Soul Calibur II for instance), the gameplay also looks very uninspiring and slow.

It's too early to say for sure, but I don't have high hopes for this really.



Objection said:

Looked really good until the combat where the frame rate died. They better fix that or I'll give them the "thumb down" (which was actually a gesture to the throat, that famous painting got it wrong.)



JonWahlgren said:

I want to get more excited about this, but the dead frame rate and the two gladiators fighting looked like they were the same model? I mean, really? I know the game's got at least 6 months to go and all, and it seems that every time Conduit is shown off it has vast improvements, so hopefully this is merely a case of alpha blues.



Corbs said:

Can someone tell me what the point of asking your birthday is? Anyone underage obviously puts in a fake birthday anyway.



bbb7002004 said:

I think it is designed to be a slower, more tactical experience, going for more of a blow for blow defensive game than a combo entrenched fighter. However, the trailer left me feeling very "meh" all around, just not my type of game.



Terra said:

They're probably still working on the game so I'll hold my judgerment until they show us something else when it's closer to it's release date.



BMF_JOE said:

it looks ok i guess. looking much more forward to THE CONDUIT and THE GRINDER tho



valleyoftheunos said:

The voice over wasn't bad but the fighting, ie the game looks awful, either they have shown this way too early or it is simply terrible. Seriously it just looks like a dull, ugly piece of crap.

No doubt IGN will turn backflips for it like the tools they are when it comes to developers they like (by which I mean get exclusives from.).



derickw69 said:

the game does not look that bad if you take into account that it "should" and better be in alpha stage. with so much time left before release I am gonna put this on my games to watch out for list



IAmNotWill said:

The trailer looked alright. (The Conduit and The Grinder FTW) I'll wait till it comes out.



thewiirocks said:

@KDR_11k - That's hardly a show-stopper. Rome: Total War was well liked.

@Corbie - I'm perfectly legal, and even I lie on those things. It's easier to spin the scroll-wheel on year and accept whatever pops up. A yes/no box would be less annoying.



Caliko said:

If this supportsbMotionPlus I'm in!!

C'mon Nintendo! Bring out NunchuckPlus already!!



Monkeh said:

Hmm, I was actually more excited before seeing the trailer. The gameplay looks kinda gay with the transparent fighter..



anthonyb said:

@Monkeh: We shall see soon, my child. Soon. But I agree, not super impressed; I'll wait to make the judgment call.



warioswoods said:

I thought no game could ever, ever make the Mortal Kombat franchise look good by comparison; I stand corrected.



bbb7002004 said:

The trailer has since been replaced by a nicer one. Still nothing game changing though.



MickEiA said:

I'm a lot more interested in the conduit and the grinder

What was with the last 10 second the two arms and the head



wanderlustwarrior said:

I thought turn-based for a second too. If Tekken is too slow for me, this is gonna be unbearable. I hope they step it up, otherwise, I'm out.



Jockolantern said:

Definitely not Liam Neeson doing the narrating. I know my Neeson and that is certainly not him, though the narrator certainly does have a voice that sounds very similar to Neeson.

As for the game... meh. The animations looks quite clunky thus far and the blood-letting is more silly looking than gladitorial. Graphics look decent but the game looks like it needs some serious tuning up to come close to being a decent gameplay experience.




Seems quite generic to me. It'll satisfy some poeple's tastes but not for me...and I like a decent fighting game...This looks at the moment to be a weak version of Mortal Kombat

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