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New WiiWare Game: Fish'em All

Posted by Darren Calvert

Get your nets out and prepare to catch yourself some fish for dinner!

Another day, another WiiWare game to announce to the world! Spanish developers Abylight recently got in touch giving us an exclusive look at their upcoming WiiWare puzzler Fish'em All.

As you will see from the screenshots in our gallery below, it certainly looks very nice. We don’t know too much more yet, other than what is revealed in this mini press release:

Abylight is pleased to announce the next release of its "Fish'em All" game.

Hold on tight to your controls and fish'em all! Alone, or with your friends, you will have a great time catching these little fish... they're crazy!

Beat your own high scores, take on challenges and solve fun puzzles in a range of amazing stages full of colour and fantasy. Watch out for the dragon, the ninja-rat or the sumo-toad! Do you think it looks easy?

This game will bring all the excitement of the great arcade classics to your console.

Soon available!


  • Nine colourful scenarios.
  • Three game modes: Arcade, Challenge, Fishtris.
  • One or two players.

Here are some more details on the three game modes:


Can you beat the high score? Play a game in Arcade mode to see how long you can last. Catch as many fish as you can within the time limit. Watch the fish meter. The more points you score catching fish, the faster it will fill up. Each time you manage to fill a whole fish on the meter, you will receive extra time. If you manage to fill them all, you will advance to the next stage.


Complete the challenges to unlock stages. You can then select any unlocked stage to play in two player mode.

Each challenge sets you a target. Note how many fish of each colour you need to catch. Sometimes, it will tell you which items you need to avoid or set a time limit.


Even more difficult!

Every time you catch a fish, it will fall into the tube. If the tube fills up, the game will end. To keep playing, match three or more fish of the same colour to make them disappear.

When you match three or more fish of the same colour, the fish meter will fill slightly. When you manage to fill a whole fish on the meter, you will receive extra time. If you manage to fill them all, you will advance to the next stage.

Watch out though! There is a crazy machine above the tube that will drop random fish and complicate the game a little more.
If things get tough, try and catch the anglerfish. It will eat all the fish in the tube.

As always, do let us know your thoughts on this announcement below. You never know, the developer might even come and say hello if you are nice enough!

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Objection said:

Looks pretty vibrant and exciting for a fishing game. It could be fun trying not to get eaten by that huge shark.



Chrono_Cross said:

The grahics are the only thing that really attracts meto this title...
lets hope ths is not the case.



Kittsy said:

I dunno, I think this looks kinda stupid. I know Wiimotes are perfectly suited to fishing games, but we already have a load on regular Wii Games and one on Wiiware.



karnage13 said:

The graphics look pretty slick. Fish 'em All almost looks like a side-scrolling platformer, which would be cool. I am interested to hear more about it.



Mopsical said:

How anyone likes these fishing games is beyond me

EDIT: Wait a minute, its a platformer?????? What the hell?



Nacho-Abylight said:

I'm from the developer
This game is NOT a fishing simulator. It's an arcade game.
Please wait for the promotional trailer.



gameking23 said:

Well whatever this game is I hope it will be way better than Crotico Fishing Master.



Neomega said:

When I see fish in the title I'm turned off!

Unless this involves a me controlling a Hylian hero or an oversized cat.
I'll stay turned off!

.....a platformer you say?
Unless this has a plumber in GREEN with insane jumping abilities and a dark Hedgehog I'm turned off!

Wait it involves both?
Well there better be boobies!!! lol j/k
Make the best game ya can looking forward to this!

p.s. Change "Fish" to "Shark"



Nacho-Abylight said:

The game title is a parody.
"Shoot'em all" -> "Fish'em all"
Also one game mode: "Fishtris" --> can you imagine?

I'm sorry if you don't like the game title. We think that it is funny.



Nacho-Abylight said:

@shinigami tidus

The promotional trailer will be released as soon as possible.
We have planned a lot of media: videos, screenshots, wallpapers, even coloring pages for kids.
A specific microsite is being developed right now!
We are working hard to have all this. Please be patient Thanks!



deshadow52 said:

I looked at all the screenshots and graphically i'm impressed i'm hoping the rest of it is just as good



Peznaze said:

Fish'em all and let the great Sushi Chef in the sky sort'em out?

Looks interesting. I just hope it's not too ADHD with all it's trying to accomplish.



Neomega said:

@ Walter: .......fistris....really? That's asking for a Neomega slap on the wrist! I want sharktris! I really thought fish 'em all was a parody of Pokemon's "catch 'em all" phrase and we would be collecting "cute at first then evolve into beasties" fishies that would help us dominate the Fishemon League!

How about Fish 'em Up? I don't remember there being a shoot 'em all genre. Sin and Punishment and treasure games excluded.

Hmm or maybe this is your plan recreate the shmup genre into the shmall genre! And fish are only the tip of the iceberg. Next is all the annoying dogs that I rent for duck hunting that never return for mocking me!

Once again I'm very interested in this title!

Also I know it's impossible but what if we transfer our fish from My Aquarium to Fish 'em All?

Meh, I can dream right?



RadioShadow said:

"Shoot'em all" -> "Fish'em all"
Also one game mode: "Fishtris" --> can you imagine?

Or "Catch'em All". Like in Pokémon. That's what the title sounds like.



calculon said:

@Walter: Welcome to the site. Like Atlantis said - it's good to see a dev. passing over more info on their game.

I think your game looks and sounds pretty good. Good luck with the game - I'm looking forward to seeing more of this one!



greyelephant said:

The graphics look nice and I do enjoy virtual fishing. Let's just see how this all plays together and maybe we'll have something worth while.

Wiiware has some great looking games coming.



Neomega said:

@ Walter: Why is it always only one Developer talks about the game? GET THE REST OF YOUR CRONIES....I mean employees here!

If I can't import my fish from my aquarium then I suggest the people who made that game come up with a game called my swamp where I can raise mutant piranhas and swamp men! Then import them as enemies in Fish 'em All!

Still lookin forward to this! Also after Fish'em All does well (because anything I buy suddenly gets in the top 10) Will you guys make that Shark'em All game we talked about earlier? lol



Mopsical said:

@Walter: If you're trying to do a parody, the name Fish 'em Up would be so much better as Neomega said. But I guess you can't change it now...

The games gonna' be awesome anyway, so...



Nacho-Abylight said:

I see the point.
However we have chosen "All" instead "Up" because it describes better the game. Wait and see.
Other fun names considered : "Fishcosis", "Fish'n'Chips".... even "Catch'em all!". All this was thrashed.

"Fish'em all!" is the name of the game, and what we really want is that you enjoy playing it. Have fun!



Naif said:

This is my first message ever here. I felt encouraged to post after seeing a Spanish company behind a WiiWare game, that's always good news. I can't say I'm into "fishing" too much (it's the first impression you get, when you read the title), but the Arcade and "Fishtris" modes sound attractive!
Next time I'd like to see Abylight working in a graphic adventure, the kind of "La abadía del crimen"... am I asking too much?



Nacho-Abylight said:

Sorry, Abylight is very unlikely to be involved in those kind of games.
For the moment "Fish'em All!" is an arcade with real "coin-op" flavour.



Jack_Package said:

So is this a single screen shoot-em-up with motion control? ....a point n flick game
Im thinkin Galaga meets Defend your Castle.... could be very good



Neomega said:

@Walter: If you do make Shark'em All put me in the special thanks!
I don't "enjoy" games I enjoy titles!!! lol

Fish 'n Chips actually sounds fun.....what about Surf 'n Turf?

Oh heres one Nautical Nonsense!
Underwater Characters on a beat'em up style adventure!
Guest Starring: Spongebob and Jabberjaw



Omega said:

What could this mysterious game be? One thing is for sure: It is not like Cocoto Fishing Master and not like the fishing mini games in Zelda. When I look at the screenshots it seems to be some kind of shooting range where you point and click on the fish as they are falling from top to bottom. And in Fishtris Mode the fish are stacked on the pier and disappear when a line of equal colored fish was formed? Or something like that.

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