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Gamebridge Announces European Release of Overturn: Mecha Wars

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Battle it out with robots online, with up to 4 players!

Gamebridge, a new UK-based publisher, has announced that they are planning to bring over the WiiWare game Overturn: Mecha Wars. This was previously released in Japan last December, and was developed by the Japanese developer Studio Zan.

The game could prove another worthwhile download for those looking for Wi-Fi multiplayer fun - The game supports up 2 players locally, but 4 online.

Gamebridge's press release is below:

LUTON ,UK (April 1st 2009) - After announcing their first three Nintendo DS™ titles for 2009 last month, bold new video games publisher “Gamebridge” announces details of their first digital distribution title Overturn: Mecha Wars via the Nintendo WiiWare™ service.

Overturn: Mecha Wars is a futuristic tournament based game created by Tokyo developer Studio-Zan. The game takes place on the planet Zastadion where challengers go head to head to compete for the ultimate prize. Tournaments consist of 6 classes: Rookie, Novice, Elite, Ace, Grand and Master.

Each game takes place within closed battle arenas with the contestants controlling futurist machines that are equipped with a host of high tech weapons. The aim of the game is to be the last one standing by blasting your opponents while trying to avoid their incoming attacks.

Each of the eight machines has its own unique features with an array of selectable weapons that increase as the player progress through the tournament. The game also lets players customise their favourite Mecha via “The Garage” menu, once parts have been unlocked.

The game can be played by one or two players (split screen) locally or via Nintendo Wi-Fi connection (2-4 players). In addition to using the Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™ controls, players can also control their Mecha machines by shifting their weight on the Wii Balance Board™, allowing them to experience WiiWare games in a unique and exciting way.

Further details will follow in May, including release date and price.

If you want to know some more about the game look no further - Sean wrote up some first impressions a while ago. If that's not enough you could always try to navigate the official Japanese site for the game!

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Bass_X0 said:

Great news. I wish more publishers are willing to bring Japanese games over here.



Ricardo91 said:

Ha! So it is seeing a release outside of Japan! Take that, Alexsays!

Now we need to see if it arrives to America...



lockelocke said:

wasn't AlexSays blasting anyone who thought it MAY be possible that this would make it past Japan? haha, looks dope!



Objection said:

Um...dont be so harsh. DId anyone really think it would? I didn't. And it still hasn't been confirmed for over here.



Cthuloops said:

Wow. This is a surprise. Hopefully a NA publisher picks this up, because I've wanted to get this game for a long time now.



Crazed said:

This looks fantastic. A game that is similar to Custom Robo in terms of gameplay, yet with online capabilities, on the Wii, for $15.00 or less (most likely less)? All it needs are the magic words "Coming to America insert date here" and I'll start being excited.



Zenman said:

lol it looks like Armored core but with all 'tank' leg types
looks fun



BulbasaurusRex said:

YES!!!!! I've been hoping this game would come to the west. Now if we could just get confirmation of a North America release.



Wiiloveit said:

Well done, Ricardo91, Toddr and lockelocke - you've just guaranteed that the best of the comment-ers will NEVER return at all. Good memory, though.

Anyways, I must say that I completely forgot about this, but when it's released, I'll be sure to give it a shot. Whatever happened to Robot Wars, anyway?



KDR_11k said:

Don't we have people with access to the Japanese WW who could try the game and tell us if it sucks?




I had this "written" down on my insta-download list for wiiware alongside LostWinds 2, Bit Trip Beat, Bubble Bobble (still to arrive in Europe). I am ultra happy! I wasn't sure this would find its way to Europe, but thank frack it has!



Ricardo91 said:

@Lockelocke. Last time, Alexsays ran on about how this game would never be released outside of Japan because of the rest of the world lacks interest in robots.

@Wiiloveit. I don't think so. Our old pal Alex has been quite active in the NLife forums, and it seems he's staying there. He still hasn't commented on any VC or WW articles...



AlexSays said:

So a new publisher, who didn't exist when I said it wouldn't come over, is now picking up the game for Europe?
Then I was right about the hundreds of other publishers not bringing it out of Japan.

They must be desperate for something to get their name on something though.
I'd like to see the estimated sales for a European release.

And this publisher is UK-based. So unless another publisher brings it over to America, don't expect to see this anywhere else.
Heck, it might become a vaporware title and never even see Europe.

Great timing Ricardo! lol



AlexSays said:

didn't anyone notice the press release is from April the first

April Fools joke, Alex wins!



MetaMorphine said:

So happy they will release that game monday (3rd of august)!!!! (Later in Europe??)
Good graphics, good game play with the Wii-mote, even with Wii-balance board. For those who like Virtual-On, go ahead!
It s so cool, especially the on-line mode!
I played the JAP version and really liked it. Also, 800 Wii points, it is more than reasonable price...

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