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The TurboGrafx-16 Returns to North America in March

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Remember when the last TG16 games were released in North America? It was way back in October last year. Since then there hasn't been a single Hudson game on VC - A lot of people even thought that they dropped support entirely.

We can now say for sure however that this is definitely not the case - Hudson Entertainments's North American TG16 VC site has updated with two titles to be released in March!

Both Bomberman '94 and Detana!! TwinBee will supposedly come out within a few weeks. It's good to have some solid confirmation that the TG16 isn't gone just yet!

Source: Hudson Entertainment USA

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Rapadash6 said:

TwinBee is mine! It's only a matter of time untill we see Rondo of Blood over here as well. You guys should really get the pages back up on those TG16 titles that you dropped when you claimed the sky was falling. Obviously any of those games still have a good chance of coming over.



worrybomb said:

Cool. I'll probably get TwinBee and maybe Bomberman. I really hope Hudson listened to us and the users over at Siliconera about putting more titles on the VC.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'm wondering if I should get B94....

@worrybomb: I hope so too!! Bomberman 64, and the 3 Mario Party games must be added! They were recommended a lot. I'm hoping they listen.



Clayfrd said:

Hmm... is Bomberman '94 worth investing in if I've already bought Blast and '93?



Link79 said:

Does there have to be a separate Hanibi festival for each country or does one count for all territories? A long while back when Rondo of blood was released in Japan it was anounced as part of a Hanibi festival. Does that mean if Rondo is coming to the U.S. they have to announce it in another Hanibi festival or is it already likely to come out here eventually since they already had a Hanibi festival which included Rondo? Am I making any sense?



WarioFan63 said:

A long while back when Rondo of blood was released in Japan it was anounced as part of a Hanibi festival.
No, it wasnt. What happened was that this site added it to the Coming Soon List with the assumption that being a fan favorite, theyd have to bring it over sometime.



Link79 said:

I was pretty sure I remember when Rondo was announced for Japan it was part of one of these Hanibi festivals. I can't find the article though cause they have since taken the page down because everybody thought Hudson dropped VC support.



Link79 said:

@ Bass XO
Between Bomberman 93, 94 and Blast which is the best to get If I only wanted one?



Adamant said:

"I was pretty sure I remember when Rondo was announced for Japan it was part of one of these Hanibi festivals."

Why would a Japanese-only game being released on the Japanese VC service be part of an import month?

Only Europe have Hanabi Festivals, where they get a ton of import games at once. America get them at random, and I'm not sure if Japan gets them at all. There aren't many games on the VC that never originally got a Japanese release.



slangman said:

Oh I wounder if us europeans will get those next week. I would love to try those games out.

I think japan does get imports (I think Japan never got Sonic 1 & 2 on the SMS, or Vectorman) when they were first released.



Ferret75 said:

Now I'm glad I never got Bomberman '93, now I can get the better '94 version. =D



tatemon555 said:

This is awesome news! More Bomberman for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Ferret75: You should get '93, as it rules, but watch out for glitches: the game can get completely messed up.



Ricardo91 said:

Fantastic news! Good to have ya back, Turbographx! I want Detana!! Twinbee, but it's supposed to be on that Konami arcade collection for DS, which I plan to get. Might get Bomberman '94 if I decide not to bother with the other Bomberman games downloadable on Wii, but otherwise will probably pass on it.

@Clayfrd. I wouldn't say so, as most traditional Bomberman games are pretty identical.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm still stuck on the Bomberman '93 boss; I'll probably have to wait a while before I tackle another Bomberman game, but I expect I'll have Bomberman '94 someday -- probably from the Japanese VC to save on points.



Pj1 said:

I will definitely download this once we get in Europe!!!!



BlueFlameBat said:

I hope Bomberman '94 gets translated in the U.S. I'm sure it won't, but it would be nice if it does. Now how about Sylphia?!

What?! I like to play as female fairies!



Chunky_Droid said:

I'll only get Bomberman '94, I might check out a vid of Twinbee, but I'm just not into shooters.



Virus said:

Well, this is fantastic news, although I was kinda hoping for the return of another system. God, I want a N64 game to finally come me a fan boy, I don't care...



Shinnok said:

I completely agree Virus. I want "Bomberman 64: The Second Attack", and "Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon" so badly. Alas, they are always overlooked.



Cally said:

Very cool. The Wii definitely comes with a Turbografx-16/CD (for most intents and purposes . . .). I love it.

I'm still pining for imports, tho.



Cally said:

<whines> Speaking of imports, I'm having fun getting tantalized by a TON of Japan-only games for the PCEngine on the site Corbie gave a link to a while back.

Particularly the Falcom RPGs.



Jockolantern said:

Excellent news! The more TG-16 games we keep seeing, the better. Also very glad to see another shmup coming our way soon, as well as the superior-to-'93 Bomberman '94. Woohoo!



Kevin said:

Yeah! The chances of getting Rondo of Blood have slightly improved!



Jolted85 said:

I don't have a Bomberman game yet, so when these games come out, I'll get Bomberman 94' and maybe the Twinbee game.



KingMike said:

Yes, Twinbee is an import. The only non-import Twinbees were Stinger (Moero! Twinbee, or Twinbee 2) for US NES (unsure if there was a PAL version) and Pop 'n Twinbee (shooter) and Rainbow Bell Adventure (platformer) for PAL SNES.



Chunky_Droid said:

@KingMike: I was pointing out to Cally that TwinBee was an import, he said he was pining for them when it was just announced we're getting one



Ricardo91 said:

@Cally. Yeah, that is a pretty cool site. I personally was drooling over many of those import shooters.

@Virus. Yeah, I want another N64 week too. I am DYING to see Excitebike 64 get released. The drought of games on that system is what's leading me to buy a real N64.



Corbs said:

I've been visiting that PC Engine site ever since I began collecting TurboGrafx-16 and PC Engine systems and games many years ago. Great site and lead me to many of my favorite PC Engine titles.

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