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Neko Porting Two More Playstation 2 Titles To WiiWare

Posted by Darren Calvert

The Australian OFLC recently revealed that Neko Entertainment are porting two more of their old Playstation 2 catalogue over to WiiWare, much like Cocoto Fishing Master back in June, which sadly we weren’t too impressed with.

Cocoto Platform Jumper is another game in the Cocoto series, obviously the title makes it clear this is not another fishing adventure! Actually if you check out the video it looks kind of like the lovechild of Nebulus and Rainbow Islands!

The other game is Heracles: Chariot Racing which appears to be Mario Kart meets Greek mythology.

Our contact at Neko Entertainment promised us these two ports would have Wii specific controls and both be released during Q1 2009.

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Corbs said:

Definitely worth keeping an eye on. I don't mind a port, as long as it's a good one.



Bass_X0 said:

looks like more shovelware to me. although racing games on the wii ware are a novelty. especially good ones.



Ricardo91 said:

Cool, A racer and a platformer, two genres that Wiiware seriously needs more of. Let's just hope at least one of them is better than Fishing Master. Heracles in particular looks pretty nice.



AlexSays said:

Whoever thought that ugly little thing was marketable needs to be taken out back and beaten.

And Neko hasn't made a good game yet so I'm not sure why anyone would expect anything here.



shadows262 said:

yes another racer!
we need more racing games on wiiware and yet hopefully it doesnt turn out like SPOGS



Kaeobais said:

Look decent. I'm glad their porting to WiiWare instead of making us pay full retail for an old game.



AlexSays said:

Why would anyone in their right minds be excited about this?

LOOK at Neko's track record!

One of their games scored a 1.9!
None of their games have scored better than a 5.5 on Gamespot!
They make Bratz games!

That Cocoto Platformer has a user rating of 5.7 out of 2 votes!;title;5

Puh leeze!
One more person says this stuff looks good and I might just lose it.



blackknight77 said:

I hope they are good, and I agree we need more racers. We also need more racers on the Virtual Console as well. But once again I will wait for reviews of these games



slambert215 said:

vomits on keyboard
No. These are totally shovelware. This is the reason we don't see Cocoto games in the US.



AlexSays said:

No. These are totally shovelware. This is the reason we don't see Cocoto games in the US.

Glad to know someone else doesn't jump all over just any new game announcement.
I know WiiWare is in a mild drought right now, but how anyone could be excited about shovelware being ported from the PS2 to WiiWare is beyond me.



Ricardo91 said:

@Alexsays. Oh my god. I didn't see a single good game in that entire page! lol.
Now my dreams of seeing a decent platformer and racer on Wiiware have been officially crushed.
Maybe they can redeem themselves with these 2 games, but given that their prdigree seems to have more crap than an outhouse, I kinda doubt it.

Edit: I think that my overwhelming desire for a decent platformer and racer on Wiiware has clouded my judgement. Sorry.



Virus said:

Boo. I shun any port. They waste development time that can be used to make other, newer, better games.

In other news, that "Play on the Wii" series looks incredible!



tantrumario said:

people are excited since there are barely any racing or platformer games on wiiware. If they were making puzzle games, nobody would care.



Corbs said:

Well now I'm bummed out. I didn't realize these games were so terrible. Maybe that's why I'm not familiar with them.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

The platformer looks OK. I mean, sure, Neko has a bad track record but the video didn't look like it was horrible or anything. It might be too easy or the controls are bad but the graphics and idea seem decent.

Chariot racing on the other hand, I have no idea what to expect.



shadows262 said:

I agree
but wiiware does have some pretty good games coming out like animales, gradius rebirth, cave story, and hot rod show



FroguinZX said:

Whoa, what? TWO TRAIN WRECKS ON WiiWare!? I know we get our fair share of the unplesant game but THIS... this is an insult! No, this is downright wrong. I understand they have to make a living too, I'm usually overly optimistic or pessimistic about things but really, WHY!? They can flood the shelves, I don't care, I don't get out much. But the Wii Shop Channel is where I get a majority of my games. Nintendo has TWO WiiWare openings weekly! And to think, better games being pushed back for this crap, and the enraging part, people go out and BUY this stuff because it's either cheap or so-called cute. People really need to stop falling for this crap, it's getting annoying. I thought WiiWare was a place new developers show their talents with what they can do, not another mouth to shove their s*** down. Neko Entertainment, if you are reading this i have this message for you: You cannot make a good game, your scores are averaged to sub-par at best, and if you of all people have the audacity, arrogance, and sheer stupidity to release any more of your poorly developed, underpowered, space taking, time consuming, rehashed TURDS on WiiWare, I will make sure one way or another you NEVER show your face to ANY download service again. Get bent and burn in hell you jack***es. I apologise for going off like that again.




I actually thought CFM was a pretty fun game. Nothing great, but definitely worth $7.



Gabbo said:

I'll admit I'm intrigued by the Heracles game. With Wii remote controls this gives them a chance to maybe improve on whatever may have been wrong with gameplay on the PS2. If nothing else it will provide a cheap detour from my regular Mario Kart sessions. Plus, the realism that comes from driving a chariot with a steering wheel sells the game all by itself.



KDR_11k said:

I think I've seen the Neko label on Barnyard Blast (kinda like an old-school Castlevania) for the DS. Obviously only the publisher.

Wikipedia also lists them as the developer of Super Army War (AKA Glory Days). Dunno if they had anything to do with Glory Days 2 though (they're not listed on the box but they list it on their site). If they could get GD2 or possibly even GD3 on WiiWare with online play that would be awesome. An obscure multiplayer game on the DS with no single-cart or WiFi support is kinda hard to play as it was intended.

Here's a more complete list of what they've been involved in since they're mostly operating in Europe (which Gamespot doesn't seem to cover much):

But yeah, still mostly crap but at least there are a few things of interest.



Kristof said:

Neko is not the developper of Glory Days 2. (they only published it)
The game has been developed by an independant developper named Olivier Denis. He did GD on GBA and GD2 on DS.
This is one of my friend and I must admit this is an impressive work for a lonely guy (the only thing he did not do is the music).
I'll forward your comment, maybe that will motivate him to go on Wiiware.



LinktotheFuture said:

Nothing too exciting here. The next racing game I will probably buy (if they ever make it) would be F-Zero Wii.



megaman-sam said:

These games look like shovelware, I don't see why anyone would want such a rubbish game, the PS2 reviews were pretty bad to!



Wiiloveit said:

Look on the bright side - at least they'll be cheaper than their PS2 counterparts.



KDR_11k said:

This isn't shovelware, it's spatulaware since the crap's so dried already you need a spatula to loosen it.



Adamant said:

Really now, that fishing game was decent enough, and remember these are straight last-gen games being sold for what, 8$?



Wiiloveit said:

Very adamant of you not to go with the "it's shovelware" crew, Adamant. Heh - see what I did there?



Twilight_Crow said:

Chariot Racing ... meh, but a platform jumper, that I'm interested in, I'll hope for the best on that one, even if neko is a shovelware maker that doesn't mean ALL of it's games have to be complete crap,



jorenmartijn said:

I'd rather have a Mario World remake or a Sonic Rush title on WiiWare instead of this stuff. Heck, Sunflower Entertainment (taken over by Ubisoft) even had this nice little "Holiday Island" tropical island resort building sim, which was fun. If only that kind of games would come out on WiiWare...

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