Splatoon 3 End of the World Splatfest
Image: Nintendo

Update #2 [Mon 20th May, 2024 11:45 BST]: Well, the world itself might not have ended (phew), but Splatoon 3's apocalypse-themed Splatfest certainly has, as we have a new winner.

It was Frye's Team Bucket List that walked away with the win this time, pulling in an impressive 415p. Team Same Ol' narrowly missed out on the gold with 395p, while Save the Day brought up the rear with 60p.

Good work, squid kids! Don't forget to pick up your Super Snails if you battled it out this weekend.

Update #1 [Fri 17th May, 2024 13:45 BST]: Set your doomsday clocks, folks, because Splatoon 3's end-of-the-world Splatfest gets underway this weekend.

The event will be kicking off on 18th May (17th in North America) and asks the surprisingly dark question, "What would you do at the world's end?". Be sure to head over to the polling station in Splatsville Square to cast your vote for either Team Same Ol', Bucket List or Save the Day and then prepare yourself for a weekend of splatting.

Will you be getting involved this weekend? Let us know in the comments.

Orignal article [Thu 2nd May, 2024 11:45 BST]: Nintendo has announced the theme for Splatoon 3's next Splatfest and things are getting surprisingly dark.

Yes, away from last month's competition of fluffy bunnies and cute chicks, the theme this time around is all about the end of the world. "What would you do at the world's end?" is the question for this Splatfest, with Teams Same Ol', Bucket List and Save the Day splatting it out for apocalypse supremacy.

This will all take place from 18th-20th May, with voting presumably opening the week before.

The theme will be universal across all regions for this Splatfest (seems fitting for the end of the world), so get ready to see how the planet votes.

You can find the results for all previous Splatfests in our following guide.

Which team will be getting your vote? Let us know in the comments.

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