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Is WayForward's LIT Going To Light Up Our Lives Soon?

Posted by Darren Calvert

Before the WiiWare service kicked off back in May we picked up on a whole list of games, some which finally came out such as Plattchen and others which just seem to be in development hell like Gravitronix. WayForward Technologies were another company who let a few things slip on their future intentions with a interesting sounding title called LIT and a remake of their Game Boy Color game Shantae. After that there was silence!

The silence has finally been broken as this month’s Nintendo Power features some exclusive info about LIT as detailed below. Our contact at WayForward (of Contra 4 DS fame) told us we would start to see more information about the game such as screenshots and videos trickling out to the Internet by the end of the month.

But what about Shantae? It seems from what WayForward have told us that it won’t be coming out anytime soon, despite the wishful thinking of the Shantae fanbase! Let’s only hope that successful retro sequels of Mega Man can inspire more confidence that a Shantae remake would be worthwhile.

Here's the info which we know so far from Nintendo Power:

  • Expected to be finished by the end of the year
  • Jake and Rachael are the only survivors in their shadowy creature-infested school, only in contact by cell phone
  • 30 levels
  • Move around with nunchuk analog
  • Use light sources to make a path through the dark towards the exit
  • Switch from top-down to over-the-shoulder perspective
  • Restrictions on the amount of electricity you can use before a fuse is blown
  • Five puzzle-oriented boss battles against corrupted school staff
  • Use IR to point slingshots, throwing motion for cherry bombs, shake to charge batteries
  • Remote speaker acts as cell phone; conversations influence the ending
  • Additional difficulty level, play as Rachael after beating the game

Source: NeoGAF

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Stratos said:

I remember the guys on IGN talking about this game a while back. It sounds like a lot of potential.



Loooca said:

Wow, that's a lot to do. I barely remember Shantae, but this seems totally different. This title will surely bring some variety to WiiWare.



Dbc said:

Light is life and darkness is death. THIS HAS GOT BE SOME R.E PUZZEL LIKE GAME ..bring it...on!



PALgamer said:

This game reminds me of a mobile game called Darkest Fear which was awesome, one of the best mobile games ever. The gameplay elements with light and puzzle are all there, so are boses and top down view. The third person view is whats going to be an upgrade of that game. When this game comes out, I'll be comparing it to that one.

(copy & paste from news "New Swords & Soldiers Instructional Video" )
This and Swords&Soldiers will surely be future buys for me.



Fleeman said:

i love the wii remote as a cell phone thing the first time it happened in No More Heroes i almost sh*t my pants i thought it was the coolest thing ever. But the game sounds awesome anything but another puzzle game, they are fun and everthing but i need some variety



Adam said:

Sounds unique, which is certainly appreciated on Wiiware. For some reason I get a The World Ends With You vibe from the story / setting.



Ian_Daemon said:

I agree with "that_dan_guy"... Sounds interesting! I can't wait to see screenshots and some video.

@Fleeman: The "speaker as phone" stuff in Zack & Wiki was awesome. (In fact, that whole game was awesome...)



Ricardo91 said:

AHHHHGGGG!!! There's another two games I'm looking forward to! Now I'm gonna have to buy 4 Wii points cards! >_<

Please make it stop! My bank account can only take so much!



Wiiloveit said:

Along with Fun Fun Minigolf, Alien Crush, Tetris Party and Liight, this one's one of my most anticipated WiiWare games.



ACK said:

This has been near the top of my list since it was announced. I have really high hopes that Adam Tierney and Wayforward are able to realize their vision.



Yasume said:

So Shantae is now gone from the "Coming Soon List"? Too bad, because a new adventure game is always welcome.

LIT seems like a decent game too, let's hope for some screens soon.



Corbs said:

Let's remember that the developers didn't manage to release the original Shantae title until well after the Game Boy Color system was already dead, so I wouldn't hold my breath for a new Shantae title anytime soon. Maybe they're just trying to create an inordinate amount of hype for one, but I don't see it being a priority for them right now, as sad as that is.



Chipmunk777 said:

this sounds really cool! a scary puzzle-oriented action/adventure game with seemingly good art? sounds sweet



Cthuloops said:

I heard about this when WiiWare was about to launch, from Nintendo Power, and I thought it was really cool then. Hope it comes out soon!



Ziondood said:

This has been the game ive been waiting for ever since WiiWare came out =DD
I cant wait for the screens and video =]
You guys better post them on here =DD



Stratos said:

If you really want to see Shantae the go to the company's site and sign up for the Shantae mailing list. It is nothing more than a gague to how many people would like to see a new edition of the game. If enough people were to sign up then they would speed up bringing out a new one.
I signed up, now its your turn



Corbs said:

I signed that Shantae list months ago. Apparently the response has not been too great from what I hear. That's not a good sign. I guess many still don't know much about the game given how little the original sold due to its late release. It's really a shame considering how great the GBC game is. I'm just not convinced we're going to see a new Shantae game anytime soon. Or at all for that matter.

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